chickens and ducks

elizabeth3March 14, 2008

We are going to get our new baby chicks soon and were wondering of it would be o.k. to get a baby duck and keep with the chicks? Can the baby duck eat the same food as the chicks? Any help is appreciated!

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sundae(NW Iowa)

The duck can eat the same chick starter as LONG AS ITS NOT THE MEDICATED TYPE. We had 10 ducks and 30 chicks together for a couple of weeks but then the time came to seperate them due to size and ducks are messy! Best of luck.


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Thanks for the help! I've had a few other people tell me the same thing. I think we will just stick to the chicks.

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I start all my chicks ducks and turkeys together. I give all a high protein (26%) game bird starter. The ducks are not messy until they are about 3 weeks old. They really like to play in the water. I put a tray under the waterer so that when the ducks play, the water drips off them and into the tray. The "waterer" that you buy for $5.00 and put in a 5 gal bucket is perfect for this. Plus the ducks get double the playtime out of the water.

I will not miss out on my ducks because they are messy. Their eggs are the best for baking, plus it is so fun to watch them play in the water when they are outside. I have pond liners that I have dug in for them to play in.

Peeps and quacks

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you might want to be careful with using a high protein starter with chicks. When I raise guineas and chicks, I have to keep them separate because the book I have says that the extra protein can hurt chicks, I think it can give the chicks joint problems.

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Never had a problem and I have been raising them on it for 10+ years.

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I MISS MY DUCKS!! terribly as a matter of fact....they were attacked and killed in the fall by a fox. I won't get more because I have to keep my hens closed in a run that would be too small for ducks as well :( but they are great to have!!

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