how long before goslins walking

farmgirl01March 2, 2009

Hello! This is my first batch of goslins and I had one that hatched this morning. She's still just peeping and laying down not really moving around. She can barely lift her head. Is this normal? How long does it take for them to be running around?

Thanks for all help

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should be by now?? In dont have much to offer, I let the goose do all the work usually .

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She should be up. They sleep for a bit after hatching, but since this morning is a long time. Have the others hatched? Is the temp ok? You might try water or gatorade or something as the heat can be dehydrating. Sometimes something just isn't right and you'll lose one.

I've never tried to save a sickly chick, either they make it or they don't. I think Seramas posted last week on some tricks she uses to get them up and get some energy into them, you might try looking for that post.

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The others have not hatched yet just peeking. I can hear them peeping but only have a small crack.

She is moving around a lot better now seems to be holding her head up, but still having problems with keeping legs steady. She has eaten a small amount of chick started and some water but even now starting day 2 she is weak.

The temp is holding at 99. I might try some gatorade.

So this is not normal? I have only bought baby goslings before never hatched them.

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Well she is doing great today. She followed me around the yard a bit today. Today she is 3 days old. She had two sibling hatch this morning. They seem to be the same way that she was. One seems a bit stronger than she was but they seem to be OK. They are so cute.

Our two parents ( Elvis and Priscilla) just stared at her while she followed me. I think they knew she was their little Lisa Marie.

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