Greenhouse hoops price?

brendasue(6)March 3, 2009

I found a retired nursery owner selling the hoops from his greenhouses. They are 14' wide by 7.5 ' high, for $20.00 each. They are 3/4" dia galv. steel. He bought the tube bender & bent them himself, and made the hoophouse(s) himself, 5000 sq ft total.

He's selling just the hoops, we'd have to get the plastic, make the perlins(sp?) and the frame to put the hoops on. We can see one of them set up & maybe get some ideas. We're handy so not a big deal there, we've just never made a greenhouse before though. We can make the greenhouse as big as we want it, we're thinking 24ft long ought to last me a few years of fun. We're also thinking instead of going 4ft space we'll go 3ft spacing to help with the snow load, and use his recommended 6mil plastic that we'll be buying elsewhere.

I've been wanting a greenhouse for a while now, just hated spending the money from harborfreight or something, only to find out that I'll outgrow it or it is cheaply made. At least going this route, we can repair it if needed easily. I havn't been able to acquire another carport on freecycle, either. We're just looking to get a longer season for veggies, and get an early start. Probably use it for other uses during the summer, like shelter for the tractor or something.

Is this a good price for these hoops at $20.00 each? Any suggestions or thoughts are greatly appreciated.


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Thats probably fair. They must be about 24 feet long each? new pipe is more and used/scrap is getting hard to comeby, hoop houses are getting popular and everyone is scrounging materials.

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How many are you going to get? I would get at least a couple--never know they might come in handy, maybe for another project :) Don't forget to take your camera, you might need the pictures to refer to when you start putting yours together. Like fancifowl said new pipe is more and used/scrap is getting hard to come by. Could you make your carport out of the hoops? Maybe he will make you a deal if you get more than a couple! Say $10 each instead of 20?? LOL LOL

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dethride(7a / 6b GA)

Brendasue, I'll give a comparison as best as I can. I am building a 14' by 48' low tunnel by bending galvanized chain link top rail pipe that I bought at H. Depot. For each bow, I had to buy 2 and 1/3 pipes (2- 10ft, plus a 4ft cut piece) which cost me about $24. I borrowed a bender, filled each pipe with sand to help prevent kinking, and had to buy $30 worth of galvanized bolts to do 13 bows. Your materials are smaller in diameter, but you can judge the similarity. I think it's a wise investment because of what a lot of people think is a coming food shortage. I would have done it anyway because I'm such a fresh food nut!

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Well my son picked up the pipe yesterday. Not quite what I was expecting but useful nonetheless. They don't seem as high once they're put together as he made it sound, but I could be wrong.

I found (& lost) a website with much detail on drainage & lower vents & whatnot for greenhouses. I'm going to have to find it again.

At anyrate, they're (my "boys", cause that's all I've been blessed with!) are thinking of putting them ontop of mafia blocks (large concrete blocks), to increase the height some, and make it more permanent. I'm just a bit concerned because I know concrete gets pretty cold, but we've not other ideas for height, while keeping it within our budget/use things around the farm.

Well, it's always an adventure, anyways!

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