Livestock auction -- how depressing

carmen_grower_2007(4/5)March 12, 2008

It is still cold here so the only livestock being sold was chickens and other foul - rabbits too. Many were all smashed into little cages and I couldn't understand how you could even see what you were buying. The chickens and ducks that were in larger cages all looked very dirty and depressed.

Who buys at these auctions? We didn't even stay to see how much the chickens sold for. Too disgusting. We went there because we are going to sell off 25 hens that we free-range here. We just have too many. Ours are happy and healthy and we sure won't take them to that auction!

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We are talking about getting some goats this year, and I had told my husband there is no way in Heck that I would go to the local livestock auction. Most farmers go there to pawn off their sick animals. I totally wonder that myself. Oh, our weirdo now ex mailman claims he used to go there to buy a pig for slaughter cheap (50$). Of course they are fed on garbage and who knows what else, and their bacon smells terrible when it's fried up. I would never buy any animals at an auction, you never know what diseases you will get.

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A lot of what you are saying is very true. Many people will send their sick animals or ones that do not fit their needs anymore. But not all animals at an auction are bad.

For example...a farmer might have some % Boer goats he sends to the auction simply because the breeder is switching his breeding program to all FB stock...or his FB does do not meet breed standards (pink tails) so they are "culling" this animal.

To clarify...I have never bought from an auction...but I know a lot of people that have bought some very nice animals in the past at one. I personally would rather pay a reputable breeder though. There are too many diseases out there that could decimate your existing animals once you brought them home.

It is just not worth the chance for me...


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kydaylilylady(z6 KY)

I'm sorry that you all have had such a bad experince. We sell our stock at the medium sized stockyards. Our steers and heifers have been weaned for a couple months, had all their shots, know how to drink from a water tank and eat from a feed bunk.

Yes, we sell cull cows. Yes, we sell cows that are mean and unruly. That's the reason they don't stay in the herd. In spite of the fact that they're culls they're still healthy.

I guess the bottom line is if you go to an auction at a stockyard you might or might not get someone's cast offs. If you're not willing to take the chance go to a reputable sale that uses sales ethics codes or buy directly from the farm


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