Chickens - New Run

CapeHeart(z6ccMA)March 4, 2013

Hello Friends

I am going to expand our chicken run as we will be getting more feathered family members. I let them free range when we are out in the yard with them. I am going to expand the run to an area I had to have cleared and treated Spring '12. I keep our yard organic and don't use chemicals, however in order to clear the poison ivy, honeysuckle & bittersweet - it had to be sprayed. I tried very hard pulling & ripping what I could but it would grow back even more.

I would like to know if the area is now safe to have chickens use this space or would it still be considered toxic? I would like to start building the expanded run next month.

Many Thanks
Chantel :)

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trisha_51(5 Nebraska)

I would read the label on the container you used; seems 12 months would do it.

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