brooding chicks in the chicken coop?

posy_pet(z6Mo.)March 6, 2009

Has anyone kept a broody hen in their chicken coop and let her hatch her chicks in with the other chickens?I have always separated mine but wonder if this is possible or will the big chickens kill the chicks?Posy Pet

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We leave them in. Momma keeps them in the nest for a day or two then they stick close/under her when they start moving around more. We offer pallets & things for chickens to get away from each other, often mamma keeps them in a secluded/hidden area. A lot depends on your set-up and birds per sq ft. You could also put busy foods in the coop, too, like squash or a sunflower seed head also to keep them distracted.

Yes they'll kill the chicks if the opportunity arises.

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