Do you have a favorite type of chicken?

newgardenelfMarch 2, 2009

This is the first year that we are going to have chickens. I will order ten this season. I'm finding that people seem to have preferences. What's yours?

I'm thinking three types Rhode Island Reds, Comets, and one more.

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lol! I like mine barbecued.

Severe cold weather or very warm? Do you want meat and egg birds?

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I like all types but as for breeds the Hamburgs both large fowl and bantam are my favorites. I bred them in black large fowl and made bantams in black and white, also bred silver and gold pencilled bantam Hamburgs. Sumatras are also a favorite of mine with the Phoenix and light brown and red pyle Leghorns also.One our black Hamburg bantam cockerels was the national champion Hamburg 4 years ago. I much prefer bantams over large fowl in any breed.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Oven roasted! :) Haw.

Depends your climate and plans for use. Mine are for pets/eggs/eye candy, so I have all kinds.

Breeds and types I wouldn't be without are: bantams in general (fun, clever and friendly, and banties are ALL about high drama so they are loads of entertainment), Belgian d'uccles (sweet and friendly little jewels), Cochins (cuddley and make great mamas), Americaunas (calm, sweet and friendly, beautiful and lay pastel eggs), Silkies (great moms, cuddley and sweet), Polish (funny and beautiful), Jersey Giants (sweet and calm) and New Hampshire (talkative and curious, friendly).

Velvet ~:>

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Well, after that build up, I think I have to get a few bantams.

Mine are all half RIR and half white rock - dual purpose - egg and meat; but my rooster has a large enough comb and wattles that they get frostbite in extremely cold weather. I've had to put vaseline on them, poor little fella. If I had it to do again, I would probably go for a breed with very little comb for that reason only.

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Well, I have to cast my vote for black Australorps. We have seven hens, each with personality. They are reliable egg layers, very friendly (one has a "thing" for my husband), and are hardy. They stand up well to our Texas heat.
Research the breeds to get ones that match your climate.

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hobby farms March 2008 issue has good breed info. Don't lnow if your library carries it but worth asking

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