Irritated - Teasing of Dog-Rant

brendasue(6)March 13, 2009

So my brother has this employee who comes with him when he comes, just about daily. I kinda think this guy has nothing better to do, little family, so he hangs with my brother whether he's working or not.

Last summer I caught him trying to make friends with my Pyrs through the fence. I told him in no uncertain terms these dogs had a job to do, and to not try to make friends at my growling dogs! Okay. It stopped as far as I know, and they still growl at him from afar through the fence

Back in December, my male Pyr and I were in the goat barn with the new kids. We came out and there he was, doing whatever & my brother was about somewhere. Being surprised to see him there, I quickly put my hand on my males collar, while this guy deliberatey walked towards me, kinda aggressive-like, as he said "Oh, he's not going to do anything". As he was saying this I felt my male tense for the leap, no warning growl. I shouldered my dog away and told this fool of a man that the dog will take him down if he feels I'm threatened. He just smiled his silly smile as I walked away to the house. I later let my brother have an earful about this guy, and I assume my brother told him to stay away from the dogs.

Last week, I changed my male to the buck pen with the pup in training. 2-section pen, one up hill from the other with a gate on the far side. This guy went in to gather the maple syrup bucket that is located inside the pen. My male (& sidekick pup) was so quick getting to the step-over for the electric fence, warning him to stay away from his goats, pup of course in tow. Hubby heard the warning & went running, as this guy scurried out of the pen.

TODAY, my son had my male & pup (these 2 are dual-purpose dogs) playing in the backyard. This guy & my brother came & were loading the wood in the maple syrup stove. The dog was minding his own business playing with my son. This guy picked up the chainsaw, kidding like, and walked towards my son, talking funny. Boy did my male go bull****. My son grabbed him as this guy quickly put the chainsaw down and backed away. Thank goodness.

What is it with this guy? IMO any chance he has of my dog simply warning is vanishing quickly. My dog is quickly not liking this guy, as first he's had the audacity to enter the buck pen (he didn't know my dog was there, supposedly), even though I've said repeatedly NOONE goes in my pens, and now today he's provoking my dog.

WHY do people do things like that? I know any of my dogs would protect us or their charges with their life, and I've warned him on several occasions! Why does this guy want to provoke my male?

When I see my brother I'm going to tell him this guy has to stop or ELSE. He needs to stay where he belongs, he needs to not threaten my family(it was supposed to be a joke), and stay away from my goats & pastures. This guy just doesn't think my male will attack for whatever reason, and he's testing him. These dogs are so complacent when nothings amiss, I think people misinterpret that for being friendly. Lets face it, those tails are going even when in high gear.

Geez. Rant over. I'll never understand people to have to tease animals. Doesn't he realize the damage my male can do? What drives people to act like this?


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some people are just a$$holes and deserve nothing less than to get bit. It would serve him right. I was getting pissed just reading about it. Stuff like that REALLY irks my last nerve!!! uggggh

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when reading your post it made me want to take a road trip and kick this kids butt!! I have no Idea why people think it is ok to tease anybody whether it be children,pets or other adults! Stupidity perhaps. I would however start video taping while he is there and when he does get attacked and bit for his stupidity you will have proof of his obnoxious behavior.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Tell this guy to keep off your property, period.

If he is going to continue to be a problem, just tell him and your brother (while they are together) that for his own safety, since the dogs (and you) have repeatedly warned him, that he needs to stay away, period. He's had enough 'second chances' by now.

Velvet ~:>

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islandmanmitch(z 8/9 FL)

Don't know laws in your state but in my legal opinion he could win a civil claim against you if the dog bites him now. How? You knew the dog was a threat to him and you knowingly allowed the threat to remain. Ain't right but sadly that is the reality of our civil system. The only way to protect yourself against lawsuit would be to either remove the dog or the guy. I think most of us agree you should keep the guy off your property.

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Well I think we have it all straightened out, finally. He's limited to certain areas & that does not include the house area, just where they need to go. My brother certainly understands, as my male won't let him in the pastures, but will let him in the house because I've introduced him only to the house. That in itself shows me the intelligence of this dog! He's not going anywhere.

My brother reiterated to him what he can & cannot do & go. Banning him altogether is a last resort, and one I will take next but with the given circumstances not the best option from a totally different perspective. It's just very frustrating that he doesn't seem to take me serious. Apparently my brother did't talk with him before.

Yes, I would be liable given the circumstances, no doubt. That is why I was so angry & frustrated. The dog will remain as he is what is best for me.

Thanks for letting me vent.

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Looks like a classic case of the dog being smarter than the human. The guy's a moron. I wonder if he's ever been attacked by a large dog. Might be very educational for Mr. Funny. Unfortunately, his actions might also cause the dog to start reacting differently to other people besides himself.

I had a highly intelligent German shepherd who was a complete sweetheart. One time a repairman coming into my home knocked her in the head with his toolbox as a "show 'em who's boss" move. Of course, I immediately showed him the door, but the damage was done. Nobody outside our immediate family could ever carry a toolbox around that dog for the rest of her life.

If it was my property and my dog, I would smack the "jokester" up side the head if I ever caught him acting a fool with the dog again.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Tell your brother not to come around with this guy, being related to you I'm assuming your brother is smart enough to know that what this guy is up to is going to get him mauled, and more importantly he is going to get your well behaved dog put down (well if he does sometyhing stupid and gets hurt because of it its his own dang fault).

Also, I'm not about to report you for this, but "bull****" and "a$$holes" are sadly violations of the gardenweb TOS.

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I would have told my brother a long time ago not to bring him around any more. The possibility that my dogs might bite him and have to be put down would be serious enough for me to ban him. I you do, record that message so you can prove you told him to leave and not to come back so if he does come back and gets bit, you can prove he was trespassing and not invited. Be direct, don't excuse it or beat around the bush. You have every right to tell him to leave not to come back. You don't owe him excuses or an explanation, either. He and your brother will both know why. It needs to be clear and to the point on the recording.

Too bad you didn't get that chainsaw threat on tape. Does your cell phone take movies?

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It sounds as if she has him coming around because he is helping with the tree taps. Giving him some rules is a good idea and if he breaks them then he is outta there. Brother probably did not say anything the first time because it was probably an uncomfortable situation and probably hoping the guy would stop.

It does irritate me when I am being dead serious about something and treated as if I am joking. Then I have to get ugly to put my foot down.

I might have my tape recorder in his face if I had to talk to him so he would know I am recording him and I am dead serious.

Feel free to blow off steam. Heck it got my blood pressure up as if it were me. made me so mad I got to cussing. LOL. I hope it all works out well for you without any mishaps to him or your dog. If the situation does not improve can you ask your brother to get someone else to help him? Someone with a whole brain perhaps? LOL

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Sorry, I will disagree with the others. For me, that guy has had his "last chance" too many chances back. He would NOT be allowed on the place.

I don't care about his age, it is the fact that the man had total contempt for you and what you say. He is totally sure that he is better about dogs than you, and he can take your dog if it comes to conflict. Obviously the outcome could be up in the air, but his chances might not be high faced with your dog.

He does NOT believe that the dog really means what it says, and WILL CONTINUE to push the limits to get the dog to come after him. Doesn't matter what YOU SAY, or your brother, SOME situation WILL HAPPEN to get him in conflict with the dog. The only question in my mind is going to be WHEN the attack takes place. If this moron man is not forbidden the property, or dog locked up with PADLOCKED gates, the dog is going to hurt the man. The man CAN NOT resist proving that he can "take" the dog if he is attacked.

The whole situation is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Dog is now proven "aggressive with numerous incidents" that you will have to testify DID happen, in a court of law. Those will be pointed out as "Warning signs" that you ignored before dog DID attack him. Doesn't matter if you had warned him, told him not to enter. It will easily be proven you harbored a "dangerous" dog and did nothing to prevent the situation from happening. Even if the man doesn't sue you, his insurance carrier will to get costs back.

Sorry, you will lose the dog and the case. Your home, farm or business insurance will jump accordingly.

I would call your brother, say you have changed your mind. You don't want the man on the property again for any reason. You will be gambling that the man will follow directions, and he has ALREADY proven that he won't. His contempt for you (perhaps as a female) or authority figure, has been shown, along with threatening (Just in FUN!!!) the son, and plain ignoring where he is allowed or not, is now well known and displayed.

Sorry about your brother and his help, but is the CERTAIN problems this man will bring, worth the trouble allowing him on the property?? Young or older man, this guy needs to find the results of his bad choices, no respect, in his paycheck.

He has wasted the opportunity for more chances. I am sure you have heard the one about "No good deed goes unpunished". He would not get another chance to be a jerk, from me.

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Brendasue, I'm so sorry you were put in this situation. I understand your reasons for acting in the way you did, I know it was a hard spot. That being said, I do agree with a couple of statements that others have made. First, this guy (regardless of age) is either stupid or has contempt for women/you. Some people are just wired that way. He shows a complete lack of respect for you and your property and IMO, seems to be a bit too "familiar." One of those types who, just because he's friends with your brother, thinks he is owed full trespass. He kinda gives me the creeps. Hopefully he will take heed and stay away from your home property. I wouldn't hesitate to call the police if I saw him there, though. Lori

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jonas302(central mn 4)

Sounds like he is quite and idiot there are plenty of them around I would pretty much not wnat him around

The bad part is when he gets your dog to bite him it will not matter the circumstaces he will go to the athoritys and your dog will pay the price for his stupidity

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