Need help with a Nubian kid

doninalaskaMarch 17, 2010

We need help with a 5-week old buckling with something caught in his throat (apparently). He has already been to the vet to the tune of $210 but doesn't seem much better. We thought he perhaps had some kind of pneumonia, but the vet says it is an obstruction. He sedated the little guy and suctioned him, but he doesn't seem much better. He refuses to eat because he chokes and is unable to breathe when he tries to drink milk. We have been giving Ringer's Lactate solution subcutaneously to keep him hydrated, but we have never seen this before and have no idea what else to do. Please give us any ideas that you have on this, because we are stumped and don't want him to slowly starve.

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Did the vet take an x-ray to confirm blockage???

The only thing I can think of is to tube feed him-but if it is indeed a blockage you won't be able to get the tube in him. Be certain is is in the stomach not the lungs. I've included a link. One thing is obvious he won't survive long on LR's.

Have you checked the boy for a cleft palet? Parrot mouth? Neither is repairable. Sometimes they are born with these deformities & they show up as the kid grows. Your vet should have checked for this if he's not a goat vet he may not know to check the mouth structure.

I'm just trying to eliminate other possibilities here. If it is a blockage do you have any ideas what it might be? plastic, alfalpha cube, natural or artificial blockage??

Scratching my head here, I don't know how to clear a blockage, if it's food flushing might work but I'd put him on antibiotics as the chance of flushing food into the lungs would be high.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stomach Tubing

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Thanks, Brendsue. My wife thinks it must be a piece of grain or hay that got stuck as he was the "pig of the barnyard" prior to this problem. Our regular "goat vet" is laid up from surgery, so we took him to a semi-retired vet who covers large animals for one of the local clinics. The choices are not great up here when it comes to large animals. I don't know if he checked the mouth structure or not. The wife took the goat to the vet while I drove our youngest son to his appointment. We'll tube soon if we can get it past whatever is in there. Thanks for the link.


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Good luck to you and the little one.

The milk coming back out (what you are describing as choking) sounds like a cleft palet or parrot mouth. You can look both up online & check yourself, just to rule them out.

Geez I hope everything turns out well.


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