What is really working and, what is not?

irishheart(6b MO)March 3, 2010

I am wondering what is working well for all of you this chick/lambing/kidding etc. season. And what you have tried so far that did not work as well or at all.

I placed a large bantam and duck order and quickly realized that the set up I had planned was not ideal or even workable. A week and four different setups later, things have calmed down. The bantams, for example, are now being brooded in the kitchen in a very large wooden box with hay in the bottom. One heat lamp is suspended 30 inches above the center. Three small waterers are on the bottom piece of a plant starter and several small feeders (the kind you put a mason jar on but I am using as is) are in three corners. This setup seems perfect. The bantams are all happy, getting their little wing feathers and I am beginning to be able to tell what they may be.

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Since we are so far north, we have to have a kidding room that is heated somewhat. We have a small room off our dairy/milking "parlor" that can be kept warm with an infrared lamp or heater. It has worked quite well over the years and has reduced losses to nearly zero. We try to have our Boers kid in the dead of winter (January) so the meat kids will be as large as possible for 4-H market projects and our meat customers in the fall. Our dairy goats are timed for March or April, since size is not an issue.

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