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msjay2u(7)March 8, 2009

this weekend I was feeling a little better and I was seeing some signs of spring

The pullets were still in the basement so I figured it was as good time as any to get them out. The temp on the outside thermometer was reading 82 degrees.

I put the battery cage out in the yard

The pullets looked around and seemed to love it. They scratched as much as they could, laid out in the sun, and played all day long

Ethel, the main aggressor seemed to be ignoring the battery cage and all that was in it

I figured out that it would be a good time to put the new pen in so when I divide the coop up they can coexist. I looked at the space

but decided it probably would not be a good idea to make any cuts in the chicken wire until I have the pen all made up.

I pulled out all my tools and got set up. Then I sat down and took a break

I got started on the pen

then I realized I am still sick. I could not go any further, I was exhausted. So I put everything back up then I put the battery cage in the pen

I put all the tools away and came in the house and took a nap. I guess spring is not here for me yet after all.

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Oh Dear! That's so sad that you're still too sick to get any work done, and with all the nice weather too! Looks like the chickens enjoyed their day out.

I was sick this weekend but it rained and sleeted heavily anyway. No great loss of time for me.

Love to see the daffodils! Can't wait for mine to come up. Gotta get rid of more snow yet.

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Is that a little air compressor? I'm jealous! We both want one. Hubby for auto tools and me for sand and paint spray.

I sure would love to have some warm dry sun like that to get some work done.

I hope you're feeling better today!

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It was nice here and I got quite a few things done too. Both the almanac and the weather report said it would be nice this week, so I put all my flower and veggie seedlings on the porch to start them hardening off. It's supposed to get close to freezing on Thursday so I'll have to bring them in later this week. I cleaned out my potting shed and repainted inside and out. I still want to put another coat of paint on the floor since it gets pretty rough use. And it looks so plain I was thinking about painting a faux 'rug' on it too.

DH spread about 80 gallons of our homemade compost on the garden beds and we got the brussels sprouts planted. I'm waiting until the weekend of the 21st to plant beans and tomatoes.

I also went over to my Mom's house and took her some tomato seedlings and some flowers. I planted a Carolina Jasmine near her back door so she can smell it whenever she walks out and a bridal wreath on the back fence between some hollies. It looks real pretty back there. Her hollyhocks and ferns are coming out and she has a lavender columbine that has put up an enormous flower spike. She was very excited about that. Her clematis already have buds on them. She trimmed several of her roses in January and couldn't bear to part with all those cuttings so she stuck them in the ground next to the mother plants. Nearly all of them have taken root, and not once in my whole life (so far) have I ever been able to root a rose cutting!! She has a magic touch.

It was a busy weekend and I'm glad that I could come to work in this stuffy little dank office with no windows so I can get some rest. By this time tomorrow, I will be counting down the minutes until next weekend though.


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yes that is a compressor and I love it. It actually came with 2 nail guns for free in HD but Lowes has it with 2 free nail guns and a free stapler (all air tools of course).

I am a little better today. Being sick can wear you out!!! I went back to work because I had to and it was a long day. Man, on these days how I wish I could stay at home and still collect a salary.

Cheryl can you put your plants back and forth like that without harm? I am definitely going to do some tomatoes this year.

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I'm envious of your green grass.....Green with envy you might say.

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I love how those daffadils are popping up all over the place.
They look so fresh!

I looked up the potato in the barrel method and gosh that seems so easy. In looking up some of the different methods I did find that Yukon Golds, and similar varieties do not do well in buckets. You only get potatoes in the bottom 6 inches. Is that what happened to you BredaSue?

I found a link which is not growing in a bucket but using 2x4's. I think I like this method. check it out and lets discuss

Here is a link that might be useful: this looks like a good technique

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I'm so jealous! We're about six weeks behind you in the weather. I won't even be starting my seedlings until Mid April. Last frost date is end of May. We still have snow on the ground although it's dissappearing fast with all this rain. This year I will have a large cold frame to put my seedlings into early. I've never used one before and am a little leery of it. I hope they don't die in there. Any advice of it's use in this climate would be very welcome.

I have other projects to work on but I've been sick too and haven't gotten a lot done this winter. I would really like to get the bathroom closet doors made before gardening season starts.

We are going to get an air compressor!! We both want one so it's something I know we will get, probably second hand. I want it for air brush painting and for sand blasting, but I can also use sit for tools. Hubby does quite a bit of automotive work and wants it for that, but he also wants welding tools and an acetylene torch.

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runningtrails this is definitely pneumonia weather. in the 80s on the weekend and going down everyday since then.

The news is reporting that because of the economy the pawn shops are overrun with tools. So much so they have had to turn people down. You might want to look for a compressor in there but please check the bottom real good and make sure there is no rust or pitting. You can get a real good deal on tools right now. Matter fact I wonder if they sell pitchforks. On second thought probably not. hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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The stacking bins sound good. I have read that you can do the same thing with tires - stacking as you grow. Years ago I considered growing potatoes in stacks of tires but just never did.

lmk how it goes if you do this with the boxes pls.

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I brought my seed potatoes today from the feed store. I really wanted red potatoes but they were sold out so I brought kannica white. the only other choice was yukon gold and I heard they do not do that well in containers. The feed store charged 75 cents per lbs. I got 2 lbs which equated to 6 potatoes.

I am not going to try the tires. I don't like the look of tires hanging round the yard plus I would think they would make the dirt stink. I am going to try once again to nab me some pallets and use those on a 2x4 frame.

Of course I will let you know how that works out. I really need to start a blog.

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I have a farm blog but don't post that often. I need to take my camera with me all the time.

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I didn't like the tire idea myself. Those bins looked neat & tidy though.

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