Concrete driveway price guide?

wilbret(z8 GA)November 20, 2005

I am in the due diligence phase of a new driveway. The distance to cover is 80 feet and only needs to be wide enough for standard car traffic (8 feet?). It is thru the woods, but we'll be doing the tree removal and dozer work ourselves.

We are Columbus, Georgia. I have heard estimates including labor of 3.50sq/ft on various websites, but that seems low. Have any of you heard quotes like this?


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sign me up at $ 3.50 a ft.

Just got a bid in for stamped colored concrete in an ashlar pattern at $ 16.50 a sq. foot.

Plain jane concrete work at 4 inches thick with # 3 bar @ 12 inch on center is in the 10.00 a sq. foot range here in Northern Califonia, and that's with the final grading done prior by others.

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wilbret(z8 GA)

Your price could be right, but a Google search says that 10.00 is overpriced, FYI. We'll see.

There could be variables at play. You live in grossly overpriced California (beautiful, but expensive). Concrete drives here can be poured directly onto the good ole red clay into forms. No sub base required, and at the most a wireform is used if there is a slope. This will be flat. (they may use wire, who knows until they quote me).

Anyway, will get a quote from a human, just wanted to have a clue what to expect. My bet is that if it's 10 bucks in N. Cali, it's 5 bucks here in Georgia. (I hope)

Thanks! Good luck with your project.

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.... You live in grossly overpriced California

And that aint no gross overstatement !

Good luck with your project too!

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Have you looked at the prices for brick pavers, cobblestone, asphault, yellow bricks? You might be pleasantly surprised as concrete is in heavy demand and short supply in some areas and with the brick or stone, and even the asphault, you could do it yourself if you read up on the process.

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wilbret(z8 GA)


I don't think any of those are options based on our covenant.
Also, I wouldn't want asphalt where I live. It gets so hot, the lifespan is short-lived.

I put in a large patio (in case you don't remember me from this summer) that was pavers. I don't want to think about doing that again for a while!

They are pouring driveways here every week, I'm hoping to catch a deal since our neighborhood is still being built.

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Your area is probably similar to ours in cost. I asked my builder friend and was told the going rate is about $80/yard plus about $50-70/yard for labor (degree of difficulty matters in this cost). Concrete prices have gone up, along with all other building material costs since the hurricanes. They use one of the best concrete guys around here. I'd also consider going wider than 8' if it's within your budget. You won't regret it.

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wilbret(z8 GA)

The job would be simple. I'd do all the prep work, they'd dump the concrete and finish it. There would be some curb work, and I'm going to lobby for the builder to do that. We got gyped on our driveway setup. They effectively took the shortest path, which is to the side. That's not a big deal, except that it makes the side of our house the front.

The reason for the narrow drive (actual width to be determined later) is that it's really just to access the main drive. We will leave the very wide garage area pad, but rip out one section of the old drive nearest the road, and plant it in trees. The old drive will work as extra parking and court! :-)

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So your new driveway will be straight up from the street, and the bottom of the sketch is oriented to the front of your home? I think I'd have your concrete guy do all of the work, including the curbs/gutters while he's on the job. Maybe you can talk your GC into paying for some of the cost of the curb work. That will add a bit more labor cost in the total price than just straight pavement.

Good idea to leave part of the existing drive for extra parking & turn-around space, especially if you only go with a narrow width for the drive. I seem to recall your post this past summer regarding your patio. Weren't you posting questions about curves? There has been quite a discussion about curvy beds lately, and your previous post had to do with curvy patios didn't it? I don't intend for this statement to generate a long discussion about curvy driveways or patios.
Good luck with the project.

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wilbret(z8 GA)

Yeah, I was asking about curves for a patio, but was ultimately guided into straight lines based on the fact not one curve is found on our house.

Concrete is 90-100/yd in our area I found out. Going to get a quote on the driveway as soon as we have the chance.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Yup, a shame we don't keep score on GW. Brent hit the home run on that one, and so did you - the patio turned out very nicely!

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I want to put a driveway on the side of the home. I am guessing it will be about 30 feet to 40 feet long about 8 to 10 fee wide and 6 inches thick. I want to be able to install a n overhead car lift on it and they recommend a min. 5' thick slab with min 3000 psi concrete. I read that more concrete in the mix is better for longevity so maybe I want to go with 4000 psi or 4500 psi concrete. It needs to be steel rebar reinforced to be strong and durable. The ground needs to be excavated a few inches for the base material and concrete to fit and be level with the sidewalk and back patio that is already there. Anybody have any idea how much it costs per square foot in my area? 94509?

I was hoping to keep the total under $1500. I am willing to do prep work myself to save money. Also I want to have good water drainage but the car lift manufacturer said that their should be minimal grading because the lift has to be level to be safe. They have shim plates but they said not more than 1/2 inch of shimming is allowed.


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Here in the UK prices have been rising over the last few years. Its always best to get a few estimates so that you can get a feel for the correct cost.
Prices always vary depending on access, teh area you live in and the shape of the driveway.

Here is a link that might be useful: driveway cost

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In Iowa you can get flat work done for $3.50 a Sq Ft.That is forming pouring and clean up materials and labor

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I am having a driveway and a parking pad replaced. The existing concrete has to be removed what is the price per square foot to replace a driveway that measures 11 x 75 and a parking pad that measures 38 x 42 in fayetteville nc.

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Hi All, I got two quotes to repave my driveway in Santa Clara, CA. One was $11.5k and the other $9.5k. This includes aggregate concrete with paver borders, widening the approach to 20 feet and changing it to a gentler slope. Total paved area is 500 sq feet. Is this the going rate in the Bay Area? I am wondering if I should shop around some more.
BTW, just doing the approach is $3.3k! I called the city of Santa Clara about the permit and they warned me it would be about $3k for the work which sounded very high to me, but now sounds accurate.

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DJSquire Designs

Since a few questions on this 'over time' thread dealt with costs about Pavers, thought I'd add a paver cost link to one of my imaging clients for reference:

Here is a link that might be useful: Paver Collection Prices

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