Hen/rooster split on broods

dunwaukin(Ontario 5b)March 13, 2008

Could I ask everyone to keep track of their hatches this year? If it's a cool weather brood or a hot weather brood, and the female/male split on the hatch

I've noticed over the last three years that the broods from early spring and summer had a higher perponderance of roosters. the later summer, into fall, hatches had a higher number of poulets in the hatch.

I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed it. Is is breed specific? I have Chanteclers. I now hold my hens off from setting until at least July. there's still enough time for the chicks to mature and survive winter, and the last thing i need are more roosters!

On that note, the Chantecler roosters have to be the calmest roosters I have ever seen. They have never yet attacked anyone -- not even threatened.

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for all practical purposes, 50% of chicks are male, 50% are female. Obviously this requires large numbers to prove out as does any study. High temps can effect sex ratio of hatch due to death of embryos, that will not happen under a setting hen; her body temp drops as she sets on eggs. It wouldnt be breed specific.There is a paper on the internet to detail that info, somewhere. A google will fing it.

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