Ethel has a wet butt

msjay2u(7)March 13, 2009

Okay I obviously need some help here. Ethel, my 10 month old Weyondette has a case of pasty butt. Both her and Lucy had it but Lucy took a dirt bath a few days ago and she is clean as a whistle now. This stuff looks like tan mud or something. Stools are normal, no blood, no worms. I don't know what this is all over Ethels butt and I HOPE you don't tell me I have to touch it. I mean if I have to I will but I prefer it as a last resort, especially since I been sick anyway. ewwwl

I looked all over the Internet to find an answer but since I don't know what its called I don't know how to find the solution.

Thanks Guys

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Its possible that she was egg bound and the egg was broken while yet inside her and then passed smearing her butt; its possible that an egg broke after being laid. Some times when 2 hens are in the same nest box this happens. It could also be som,ething else entirely?? just watch others don t startr picking at her and cause an open wound.

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oh I hope thats it and I don't have to do anything but let it come off. Do chickens ever take water baths? Should I provide her some warm water??

Lucy and Ethel DO share a nesting box.

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