Putting up electric fence - have some questions

theedudenator(Zone 5)March 27, 2011

I am going to put a fence around some young apple trees I am planting. To keep the deer off.

I was going to put the controller in my barn.

Then I need to run the wires out to the first pole.

For the power wire, I see I have to buy some insulated wire.

But, for the ground wire out of the barn, can this just be buried?

I was going to start putting a ground rod at the first pole of the fence.

Can I also have a mix of ground rods and running a ground wire along the fence?

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We have 2 solar chargers and 1 AC electric fence. All have the ground wires within 10 feet of the charger.

The 1 plug in charger does have an underground wire running to the charger in a shed, but it runs to the charger then the rods within 10 feet of the charger.

We installed these 6 years ago so I don't remember the details of WHY we did those placements, only that it is the set-up. Your manual should detail the placement & footage.

For about $250.00 you could do the solar charger, just get one with Joules and you wouldn't need to run the underground wires.


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theedudenator(Zone 5)

The cost of the wire is much cheaper vs the solar charging type.

I also need to figure out what to use for a ground rod.
I am not sure I spend the money on 6 rods!

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