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marquiskissel1(7)November 29, 2011

Hey everybody! I recently bought a house, and I could really use some suggestions for making the back yard look a little bit more put together.

I am willing to make major changes including removing those trees (I don't know what they are), reshaping the yard, adding pathways, focal points, whatever you guys think!

I tried to note what plants are there on the image below but they seem to be blurry so I will describe them here:

1) In the front the red lines are pointing to different clumps of daylilies and there are some annual flowers interspersed as well as some herbs on the left close to the wall.

2) On the left there is a red line pointing to a hydrangea which has some asiatic and oriental lilies in front of it.

3) Circled in red on the left near the fence are about 80 tall bearded Iris plants. Behind the iris is some ivy with daffodil bulbs planted throughout.

4) The red line in the back left corner is pointing to a single rose plant (not a climber or shrub).

5) The other red circle in the back is a group of Becky daisies.

6) The rest of the back fence to the right has lantana plants assuming they make it through the winter and hostas to the right of them. There are more daffodils and tulip bulbs planted along the right fence and beside the hostas.

7) It is hard to see in the picture but all along the grass between it and the beds is a single row of flagstones as a divider.

In case the image doesn't post or it is hard to see you can find it here:

and one that isn't marked up here:

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

marquiskissel1, unfortunately your image doesn't show up, and neither url is accessible to me.

If the image is on your hard drive or in your email, you may be able to see it, but we won't be able to.

I've never used Google's Documents, so I can't help with why those addresses don't work. Perhaps you have to specify particular Google Documents members who would be allowed to view the items?

For a graphic to show up in a post on this forum, it must show up in Preview. So when you go to Preview, what you see there is what the final post will look like. [But again, if the graphic is on your hard drive or in your email, it may show up in the Preview anyway, but still not in the final post (or you may be able to see it in the final post, but not the rest of us).]

Similarly, a link must be clickable in Preview or it won't work in the final post. Always click on the link in Preview to be sure it works -- a link with a typo will look fine, but won't take you to the desired page (BTDT).

If you're not sure how to use the proper kind of html to code a clickable link (my Firefox add-on calls it xhtml), you can enter the link in the "Optional Link URL" box; you'll need to give the link a name -- it can be a descriptive name (Photo #1; Daylilies; etc.) or simply the url itself. Unfortunately you're limited to one link per post.

Or if you can post a url we can access, I can make it a clickable link.

Perhaps you could open a free Photobucket account and post the image there? Here are directions for posting from Photobucket:
How to upload from Photobucket

Good luck!

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Sorry about that! Thanks for the help. Hopefully this will work:

Here is a link that might be useful:

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