Using schoolbus for .................................

innisfail(3a)March 14, 2008

I am thinking to buy a school bus.

For using as a mobile free range chicken coop.

Any suggestions, idea's or is it just weird .

Actually I am thinking of using one for greenhouse ( since it has lots of windows and it is somewhat weather proof .

So what do you think ? ....................................

The bus will be mobile and not a bucket of rust !!! *LOL*

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Well, I think you are a real entrepreneur. I think it is a great idea assuming the school bus is cheap. Does it run? Can you just move it when you need to? It sure seems it would be a great night time shelter for the chickens and you could move it where it was needed for the chickens. As far as the greenhouse thing goes, are you thinking of a duel purpose vehicle?

If you want to plant things in it and also use it for chickens, I think that might not work because chickens (especially in winter) really love green stuff. BUT, if you have two, one would certainly work as a green house, I think.

We are totally into free-ranging chickens and that seems to be a real safe place for them to roost at night!

If it doesn't run, it still would be a great chicken coop for free range chickens.

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johanna_h(Z5 SW MI)

Hmmm. How will you clean it? Those roosting chickens are going to leave a lot behind -- can you hose it out? That would be my main concern.


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I would use the mobile one with an electric fence to keep predators out . I would move it when needed .

I would use a seperate one for greenhouse, but my main concern is if it gets enough light.

Both are easy enough to heat or put in airco if needed .

Cleaning would be easy, just sweep out regularly .
Put in layerboxes and nightsticks to rest on .

Just give me your thoughts

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I think you would just have to check on the light and sun that comes in the bus for a greenhouse. If it is also mobile, you can always move it to take the greatest advantage of sunshine.

I don't have a greenhouse, but have floor to ceiling south facing windows in our guest house. I use it as a greenhouse in the winter. I use foil covered cardboard to accentuate the sunshine, but get pretty good results.

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Just make sure to bring something to clean off the seat with when you have to move it (if it's driveable). Interesting concept, would make a great photo opportunity if the doors work, ha ha!

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I have actually talked to someone whi did this. removed all seats and put roosts in the bus; made ramps from the rear and side door for the birds to use, made a barrier to the front drivers area for feed and to keep it cleaner.
he also used an old mobile home for feeding out lambs by removing the florr and installing expanded metal. He could move it every few days to distribute the manure.

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For the chicken bus I would make sure the chickens can not reach the drivers seat . That would otherwise be messy.

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Happy2BeeME(4a NH)

We have here in town a guy who collects junk cars...well ok he has a junk yard. Anyway the town told him he needed to get rid of the cars because they were not registered.

This is the funny part...He moved them into a circle you know "Circle the wagons, there's going to be a war" opened all the inside facing doors and let his chickens in. The chickens seem to love it. He told the town officials they were now is chicken coop and he was a farmer. They left him alone.

Not sure if he/or how ever cleans out the cars.

The bus sounds like a great idea. I think a power hose from front to back would clean it out nicely.


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That would be a sight to see.

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I am still on the fence regarding this idea, does anyone have any additional comments ?

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Well I, like others. think one of your concerns would be how to clean it.
Vehicles are famous for rusting floors when they get old. I would think hosing
the floor is going to accelerate the rusting process. I found the article below
that might help you. They did not hose the bus down they scraped the poop out.
LOL I guess that solves the water problem.

here is a website devoted to people who
convert school busses

I could not find anything on the greenhouse idea but I am sure might be able to help you

Good luck and keep us informed!

Here is a link that might be useful: bus converted to a chicken coop

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