Rouen Duck Question?

WhtRos(USDA z5a IL)April 18, 2010

Last March 17th, I bought 6 Rouen ducklings. We have been having such a good time with them. They are so cute and funny. Planes, trains, autos, lawnmowers and tillers don't bother them but let a cardinal fly over them and they duck! We have 2 small ponds but they will only go in the one we started them in altho its farthest away from the garage where we pen them at nite. We've been shooing them into their pen shortly before dark. Now that its warmer, I've been slower at getting out to bring them in. The last couple nites, they came in by themselves!

All along, we've been wondering how many are females and males. I've had it figured we have 2 drakes, 3 females and 1 undecided. My "scientific calculations" are based on: 2 are always eager to take food from our hands. 3 start to come up to us but turn away after a few steps. The undecided one comes up after the first 2 and doesn't take the handout as quickly.

That may mean nothing b/c: they have all developed beautiful brown feathers on their chest and wings. And a couple have started the blue banding on their wings. If any of them were drakes, wouldn't they be getting lighter colored feathers on their chest and keel? They all still have fuzz on their heads.

So, is it too soon to tell if we have all hens or not? I was hoping for at least 1 drake. lol. Thanx for all the great stories I've read about your ducks and thanx for answering my question. Barbara

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Naomi Miller

Aren't they fun? We have 28 ducks.....started with two!! Can't get enough.... they are such smart birds.... ours know that if they do cute antics, they get scratch so they all become clowns every time we get near them lol.... they also know when we come in at dusk, raise our hands over our heads and nite nite.....they all go to their respective houses.... as far as sexing..... aside from vent sexing, it is very hard to tell until maturity.... it has pretty true in my Rouens that the young males have a darker head stripe and in bright sunlight you can often pick up on the green sheen.....if none of that holds true, waiting for the drake feather is about the only way to tell....waiting 5-6 months is really hard isn't it? ;)

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

That tell tale curly tale was the best way .The male quacks in whispers the female has a loud obnoxious Quack!Seemed to me the green head came last.

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WhtRos(USDA z5a IL)

Oh, heartzlink, do you have a video of your ducks' antics? Do you have a large pond for them? How are your duck houses built? What do you use for bedding? We made a pen for ours in the garage and have been using wood shavings so far. We should be switching to something else. I suppose most people use straw. I'm worried about cleaning the pen this winter. We get a lot colder here altho we will have to get some kind of heater for them.

My ducks have eye stripes - either 1 stripe over their eyes or 2 stripes, one over and one under. Is this a clue to their sex? When do the drakes develop the tail curl? Their voices are starting to change - I hear a quack now and then and clucking when they are twittering among each other.

Goldenpond, when do they get this tail curl? Before the heads turn green? I'm just so excited about my babies! Barbara

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We have had our five Rouens for about two months now, and today I noticed something I had not seen before. Three of them have green colored bills, and two have brownish bills. Has anyone noticed this before?

The ones with brown bills seem to be the loudest, males? We will see in five months.

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Marfaman -- the ones with brown bills and loud are the hens. The greenish billed, little bit quieter ones are drakes.

3:2 isn't too bad of a ratio -- I ended up with 3:1 but wish it was different. I have 5 5 week olds so hope I end up with more hens -- duck eggs are yummy.

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my drake did not get his gray glossy feather on his belly first he actually got a white ring around his neck first and then later his head started changing to a dark almost black and then green. Once that happened his plung under his belly was super fast to change. Hope this helps.

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