kidding goats

j5ranchApril 29, 2008

well iam new to the goat business i have 15 goats i have had 4 nannies that kidded but i ahve a doe right now first time mother she is 1yr and a half old her bag is strutted real good her ligements are real good her vagina is hanging all the way out she has had mucus coming out for 2weeks now tonite it turned amber color and she has been pushing but no results her cervix i can get two fingers in it thats it she is panting iam very worred about her what to do i can see a bubble its like the cervix isn,t big enough yet any ideas

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YES !! Call a vet.Since you're new to this you shud get someone out there to have a look at her or take her in.

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I hope your mama goat and baby is okay! :(

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well she hasn,t had yet no hard labor yet but she is streaming what to do

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It sounds like she might have prolapsed. If she is still alive, please get a vet to look at her. Poor thing.

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