Lost one chicken to a predator

runningtrailsApril 1, 2009

Yesterday was such a nice day that we let them out to free range. At bed time we were one short. We got out the flashlights and looked everywhere. Found her, dead, in the field. It looks like her back was eaten. We're thinking probably a hawk? We do have lots of them here.

That's the last free ranging they'll do. They have a huge home and very large pen. We're putting the roof back on the pen this week. It collapsed in the snow.

We're very sad at the loss of one of our girls. It's too bad we had to learn the free ranging lesson the hard way.

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texas.transplant(8b TX)

Sorry to hear that you lost one of your girls. We have three in our suburban backyard. I let them free range a few hours a day, but I get nervous about it because there are several stray cats in the neighborhood. Glad to hear that yours have a large pen.

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We have lots of predator problems here. We used to raise Khaki Campbell ducks. Bald eagles got 'em all and we can't even harass them while they are eating our stock since they are protected. Foxes, hawks, wolves, bears...we've got them all. Last year we had a number of people who lost their dogs to wolves ...while they were walking them or had them in their own yard. The folks in Connecticut protest violently every time we kill a wolf. I think we should trap the wolves and release them in Connecticut to control their deer problem

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I was sorry to hear of your poor chicken. I, too, love the idea of free ranging but it is just not possible in my setting. All neighbors have dogs and the coyotes are thick. Not to mention my own dogs :( My grandparents always had all sorts of poultry free ranging and I guess I didn't pay much attention to what was going on. They lived in the middle of a forest out in the boonies. I would imagine there were all sorts of predators. I guess chickens had babies, chickens died. Lori

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