Our bees are hived!

marlingardenerApril 6, 2009

Oh,joy, we picked up our bees at the apiary on Saturday, and hived them as soon as we got home. 20,000 Italian All American bees and two queens. We are hoping that the ladies not only improve the pollination rate in our vegetable garden, but help out the neighbors as well. Since bees will travel two miles for pollen, we will have three neighbors that may benefit. And of course, we'll all share the honey!

I love living in the country!

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How cool! It is fun getting started with new projects and critters, isn't it? Have a ball, marlingardener! Let us know how it goes. Keeping bees is one of my dreams, too, but the situation with Africanized bees has me worried. We used to have scads of bumblebees around our place, but I didn't see many last year. Could it be the drought? I hope they return.

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Congratulations on the bees! Having bees is one of my dreams too. I probably won't get to it this year, but it might be a goal for next year. We'll see how this year goes.

We need bees in our gardens too. There don't seem to be enough of them around here. I didn't get great pollination with the squash last year. I'll be doing it by hand this year but would love to have my own bees for the job.

I love living in the country too! We'll never live in the city again!

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