saving eggs for setting

claraserena(4)April 20, 2008

I have some eggs from yesterday that I would like to hatch out under a broody. We have one broody but she's been on eggs almost a week and I doubt the newer ones would get hatched. But I expect another couple to go broody soon. How long can I keep these eggs and how should I keep them? I know this has been posted but I can't find it.

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They begin to lose hatchability after several days but will remain good for 2 weeks or so. generally speaking, there are some variables such as breed, age of roostrers, etcetera but not to worry bout that stuff. Be sure to turn them daily; easy to keep them in an egg carton and just elevate 1 side, alternating daily. keep them cool, 45-60 degrees or so. I kept them in the crisper drawer of fridge many times.

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