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inelly15April 11, 2010

We need some help naming our farm. We live on a hill and there is a huge oak tree in our yard. We have horses and chickens.

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Names are pretty personal. When we got our first chickens, we had five of them and they laid every day without fail. I was so happy that they were laying when other peoples chickens were not, so I though the name:

5 Egg Farm

would be just perfect.

The are many names to choose from like:
Oak Hill Farm,
Rustling Stream Farm,
Fair Weather Farm,
Peacerful Acres

But I think you would find these names in a lot of locations. I had a place I called Riversbend.. thought it was pretty original....Not so! There a many, many of them. So I would suggest you find something a little more personal like:

Happy Chicks
Happy Hooves

Name after your favoite animal. I really, really like my rooster Charlie, so something like, "Charlie's Roost" would work for me.

Maybe a name discribing a building. Not Red Barn Farm.. too common, but perhaps Tin Roof, or Green Door or Crooked Path.

What does you and your families most loved part of your place? A view, a feeling, a flower, perhaps the weather...Try that.

Which ever name you choose, please be sure to come back and let us all know.

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Acorn acres. That's it my mind went blank

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I kinda like the "Oak Hill Farm" idea, but if you have critters you want to register, I would search the registry for your name ideas to make sure they weren't duplicated in your registry or registries (such as stable names, herd names or kennel names) then google the name(s) to see if there are duplicates there (sometimes you can change or add a word to make it unique). When you arrive at a unique name, you will be able to register all your animals under a single name, even if you have different species, e.g., Oak Hill Stables, and Oak Hill Kennel. What I meant by change or adding a word: if Oak Hill Farm is duplicated, maybe Oak Creek Farm or Hill Creek Farm are not.

If you have a unique farm name, it will be easier for you and others to locate the offspring of any animals you sell, and by establishing a unique name to begin with, you will save yourself the trouble of perhaps having to change the name of your herd, stable or farm at a later date.

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Acorn Acres...that's cute and catchy, I like it! :)

We're in contract to buy 18 acres and I'm thinking we should wait to name our future farm. Meanwhile, I appreciate all the suggestions of things to think about before naming your farm. All we have are dogs, but we'd like to have more animals (haven't decided which ones yet) as well as plant a veggie garden, fruit trees, olive trees and possibly a vineyard.

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eric_wa(San Juan, z8 WA)

Horse Feather Farm

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We have a non profit animal rescue named after a beloved family dog, Sarah. Save Animal Rescue And Haven (S.A.R.A.H.) She would be proud.

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I like eric's suggestion ... a lttle whimsical ...

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