Locked Kneees Duckling

billie_ladybug(5b)April 16, 2008

Does anyone have any experiance with new hatches having locked knees. He cannot move the knee joint, but is fine otherwise. It seems like the joint is locked or maybe grew together. The knees cannot be moved with assistance either. His mom is Rouen but dad would be unknown. I wonder if it is something that might be a genetic disorder. None of the other ducklings had any issues. Neither does mom. It's sad to watch him as he cannot go with the others, but they do not pick on him. We are going to try to let him be, but we are hoping I can come up with a solution to his problem.



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Was wondering how your little duckling is doing? I don't know what could have caused this and couldnt' find anything online searches. I know that some things are caused by nutritional deficiencies, or maybe a genetic mutation? Hope the little guy (or gal) is okay!

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Other than having a hard time getting back up when knocked down, he/she is doing ok so far. My worry is when he/she gets too big and goes outside. He/she is not able to keep up with the others and will be more suscepitable to predators. Fortunatly no one else has had a problem so no clues there.

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Does the duckling look 'odd' in any other way? Hmm, very strange. Hopefully the duckling will learn to adapt to her legs and may surprise you! Once he/she can flap his/her wings, they might be useful to him/her.

What will you name him/her?

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Well, to update you, she is doing fine. My daughter named her Wobbles. I think its a girl. Other than the legs, she is very healthy. Same size as everyone she hatched with and working on getting feathers. I still have her with the little guys as the ones her age topple her over in their careless running. She seems to like to be with the little ones and all the new chicks go into her pen. I think I have a serogate mother on my hands :) I will probably have to build her her own pen though. Well her and a few other "rescue" ducks we have. We have a Pekin hen, Daisy, that was partialy capped by a goose and has a gimp leg that would keep Wobbles company. Those were injuries she came to us with, just to clarify.


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