Sweet potato yield?

tracydr(9b)June 11, 2010

I started some slips from one potato. I now have six or seven healthy vines. How big do they get, how much do they produce? Also, are they hungry for fertilizer? They sure like 110 degrees!

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I'm in iowa, and planted sweet potatoes a couple weeks ago. They haven't grown much at all, and I wonder if it's hot enough here for them.

So I can't answer your question, but I need sweet potato help too.

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engineeredgarden(7, nw Alabama)

They don't like much nitrogen at all.....an animal manure compost is the best form of fertilizer for them. Also, they need lots of sunshine and heat.


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Tracy, how big they get depends on the variety you've planted. Actually, I can't tell if you're asking how big the plants get or the roots, but both depend on variety.

About fertilizer, I would guess a lot of nitrogen would not be good for them, since you don't want them to only grow leaves.

Joyce, you might want to check out Sand Hill Preservation Center. They are in Iowa and have the biggest heirloom sweet potato collection I've seen, so they must be experts at growing sweet potates in cooler areas. They have some info on their website for tricks to get them to grow up there.

Hope that helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sand Hill Preservation Center

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Im mainly wondring how many roots each plant produces. Also, how do you know when it's time to harvest? I'm also curious if I need a trellis for the vines. They're getting pretty big already, maybe two feet long.

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makete(U.P. of Mi.)

Neohippie, really like the site, Sand Hill Preservation Center. Can people go there to tour? Wish I lived closer to them. Thanks!

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana


One plant tends to produce about 6 potatoes in a clump usually. They are about the size of those in the store and in most areas they are harvested in early October. You can check into them to see how big they are.

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Thanks! This was from the grocery store. Has orange meat and was about 1.5 to 2 lbs. It was bigger than a large russett. I think I have 6-7 plants growing. Interesting to see if they taste the same fresh from the garden.
I have to teach my husband how to eat sweet potatoes and squash. He doesn't do orange veggies or okra and I'm growing all of them.
Sweet potato and okra really seem to love my garden!

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My first year (in GA) with 7 sweet potatoes plants purchased from a garden center, the total yeild was 5 (FIVE)full,five gallon bukcets of potatoes ranging in size from fingerlings to a football. I'm not kidding.

The main plant typically had 6 or so roots (potatoes) and then everywhere that the vine touched down and rooted, MORE potatoes. The further out from the main plant the smaller they were, but these 7 plants took over my entire garden spot.

Here, you can leave them in the ground until just before the first frost (december) This past year, I left them in the ground and we had a frost that killed the plants, I still harvested potatoes *completely unharmed).

I would NOT trellis them if you have the space for them to spread out. And what I found was that even when they did spread out over the entire garden, by December, pretty much everything was done anyway, so it was not a problem.

here are a few pics. My plants were started at the forefront of the pics in the first 2 outter most rows and they went to the fence and beyond the garden spot is I'd say about 15 feet long and about 15 feet wide

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