Help!! Strange Goose sickness

dadarioApril 25, 2009

Hello I am from South America, Colombia and I currently acquired two African Geese one male and the other female. Everything was going fine they were growing fast and normally until the little male develope a lump on the left side of his just behind his beak. This lump is squishy , and from the day I noticed it it has gotten bigger, I don't know what it is I thinking about giving him some strong antibiotics, but I would hate to lose him for they are so cute and special animals. Thanks I appreciate any help I can get on the subject.

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It sounds like an abscess, maybe? If so, try garlic instead of antibiotics. I recently had an old tooth abscess flare up. I cut 1 large clove, minced it and ate it. I did this 12 hours later, and after 2 days, the pain was gone. Garlic is an incredible antibiotic, my husband got cellulitis in his face and had to take an expensive antibiotic. Later, he got it again, and instead I made him garlic (make sure it is raw or barely cooked and cut really fine). It cured him after 3 days! Best to give it every 12 hours.

Hope this helps!!

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ugggh!! how did it taste and how long did that take to get off your breath and out of your sweat glands?

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