Training ducks to come when called

zootjs(zone 5 MA)April 3, 2010


I understand that you can train ducks to come when called by calling them and then giving them cracked corn, etc., when they come. But don't they need water with their food?

My goal is to call them and have them come into the barn at night, but their water is outside the barn. So, if I feed them the treat in the barn, they would have to go outside for a drink, but I want them to stay inside. I don't like having their water in the barn because it becomes such a mess.


(I've got one duck, but ten more are in the mail....)


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I've never raised ducks, but all animals need water. I'd suggest putting a smaller water container in the barn, which can be easily changed. Your vet should be able to give you more information on how much water your ducks will need and how often they need to drink.

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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

Lavender, just to clarify, they have a whole pond to drink outside, as well as a bucket of water that's changed daily. I'm just talking about them coming in at night.

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Ducks need access to drinking water, certainly, but I have seen them eat without drinking immediately. As long as you are handing out a TINY amount of corn they will be OK until morning. Or, have a water container there but take it out of the barn with you.

Start during the day when they are standing next to you, call whatever you chose as the words, and toss them a bit of corn. Repeat for a few days, moving further away.

Then try it in the evening ... call and toss a tiny bit of corn a couple of times ... until you are standing in the barn's door and they come in at the sound.

They learn fairly quickly if it involves food.

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Sherwood Botsford(3a)

If you have room in your barn, put a water pan IN a small kids pool. Don't put water in the pool. The ducks will make their mess in the pool, which you can take outside and hose off now and then.

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We have geese and I would love never to give them water inside but that is not possible. I have a large black rubber water dish. The kind you would use for goats and I fill a small water bucket and put it inside the larger dish. No matter what, they will bathe in it even if it's pulling the water out and trowing it on themselves. Guess that's why they call them water fowl, hahaha.

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WhtRos(USDA z5a IL)

My ducklings are only 3 weeks old now. I got them March 17. Are they old enuf to eat cracked corn? Thanx, Barbara

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