Help with New chicks

Chicklover2246April 15, 2013

I have never raised my own chickens before but have worked on several horse farms that had chickens, one raised quail & I helped mI'm raifor your help! sing chickens for eggs and to have as pets. Thanks for your help! boyfriend with his chickens years ago. I got 10 chicks last Thursday Evening from our local feed store. Guess they saw me coming. I trusted the woman to pick good peeps, so I won't do that again. I'm not sure what to do. One is missing feathers around it's vent but the skin is all clean. Another has droppings stuck to it's vent & is missing some feathers, she can still poop but I couldn't clean all of it off. One more has something stuck to the side of her head around her eye. I wiped the feathers but don't want to get her too wet. She can't open her eye the whole way until I clean her head. There doesn't seem to be any drainage, nothing is wet to show on a paper towel before I wipe it. All 10 chicks are eating, drinking, pooping & acting like healthy chicks.
Do I need to know anything more or what else to look for? Don't yell at me but I'm afraid if I take them back, they'll kill them. Thanks for your help!

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I would go to the Raising backyard chicken forum This site is not that active. or so it looks to me.

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Got to and you will be able to get answers really fast...unless it is too late already. I wouldn't take them back either, that's the mother in me. Good luck!

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Thanks for replying. They all seem to be Ok. 2 still don't have feathers or fuzz on their rumps so I still have a heat lamp on them until they get bigger. We figured out the other one must have been burnt by the edge of a heat lamp because of the shape of the darkened feathers. She is white so upon closer examination it appears as tho' the fuzz/feathers were/are singed. No skin was damaged or burnt so as long as her feathers grow in, no one will ever know. I did name her Bernadette, it seemed fitting?! Thanks again!

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gardnpondr(Zone 8)

I sure hope you got answers to your questions by now because the poop on it sounds like pasty butt and it will kill them because it gets hard and they can't poop because it blocks their vents. :(

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