I'm looking to buy ducklings but I can't find any local

MallardPonyFarmGirlApril 21, 2012

I have a TSC but their chick days ended a few weeks ago and when ducklings came in they were gone in a day. I would order online but it seems so cruel shipping them so young. Plus, I hate them being shipped and the chance they won't even survive. I need some advice! I looked on craigslist but didn't find anything and I also looked on birdnow. I have looked on efowl, chickens for backyards, and calafornia hatchery. I only want 2 and I would love them to be local. What should I do?!

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Sounds to me like you have limited options. Be patient and keep looking or buy eggs online and be patient and hatch your own. You could buy like 10 eggs, hatch em out and sell/trade the extras. This way you have a better chance of selecting a desired variety. Good luck.

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snowgardener(z4 NY)

I had the same problem for years. I wanted Cayuga ducks but didn't want them mailordered. Finally this year I found someone selling them on Craiglist somewhat local. Look around at other Craiglist cities near enough to you that you wouldn't mind driving. And you could put an ad on there that you want ducklings.

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Also if you got a local feedstore you can post an ad there as well.

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