Chicken died of broken neck

claraserena(4)April 19, 2008

I just found one of my favorite bantam hens (age unknown) dead of a broken neck. She was lying by--but not caught in--a wheelbarrow near the pen. She was fine this morning. I have no idea what could have happened. Could one of the roosters have hurt her? She didn't get mated very often. She was very independent--would go way ahead of the others and then call till she got company.

I just wondered if anyone has any ideas about what could have happened.

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I would imagine that any number of scenarios could have happened. You will probably never know. She sounds like one of my very "independent" cats, an adventure seeker. Poor thing now has a broke leg and a gash in her hind end, I suspect from falling from a tree or the barn. I've witnessed her plummet from the rafters in the barn to the floor unhurt but I guess that is one ride you only get one chance on. Sorry about your chicken. Lori

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