Processing, where and who?

sullicorbitt(z5 MA)April 13, 2007

Here in Massachusetts I have found it very dissapointing on the lack of processors for poultry. I have found a farm that will do large animals that is about 45 minutes away but nothing for poultry.

Last year my husband processed our extra males (chickens) but it would be so much better if we could pay someone else to do the job.

Just curious, where you go or do you process at home?

Anyone in New England know of a place to go?



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Dibbit(z7b SC)

I am not in your area, so can't help that way. And I don't do any processing, extra males would go to the hunt kennels to feed their foxes...

What about asking around the hunters (including sporting goods/gun stores), since they must get their deer, etc. done somewhere? Also try asking at the local feed stores - and unless you REALLY need a certified processor, a note in the feed stores may turn up an individual to do it. Ask the local 4-H group (if there is one) if they know, as their animals are usually raised for slaughter.

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Check with your state Ag Extension Service. Ours maintains a list of certified processors of all livestock. This list is not totally complete, as many states exempt processors operating under USDA certification. You might be able to find a listing by state under thier website.

If you are just wanting some poultry processed for your own use, post a small sign on the bulletin board at your local feedstore or auction barn offering so many birds in exchange for processing so many birds for you. Then when you have someone willing to do the job, either insist upon it being done at your place or in your presence. (That away you know you are getting your chickens back and that they are being properly cleaned and cooled.)

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Has anyone found a poultry processor in Mass or southern NH.

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