Keets and chicks...chopped egg?

blokessheila(z5 OH)April 2, 2006

Hello out there all! I have some keets and chicks together. They're about a week old. I only recently found out that the keets need a higher protein feed than chicks do. How about feeding them all a cooked and finely chopped egg as a supplement to regular chick starter/grower (to increase the protein they get)? Perhaps once a day or every other day? Does anyone know if this would be a problem for either the keets or chicks?

I know turkey starter is often used for keets, but I only have 7 of them and they are in with my chicks. Also I didn't want to buy a big bag or turkey grower just for 7 of them (plus the bags of chick starter/grower food - trying to save $ here...)


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Eggs wont hurt, just dont over do ot. Its best to feed what they need, if you are looking to get the best results. Lots of fowl never get the best but survive despite it.

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ruthieg__tx(z8 TX)

I have fed new born chicks egg yolk but I agree with the above poster...bite the bullet and feed them what they need..In the end you will have healthier babies..

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blokessheila(z5 OH)

If eggs won't hurt, then what is the reason they shouldn't be used long term (or even a month or two)? I don't mean to be a pest, but I'm not a person to do things just cause the feed store says so if I have another at home alternative. Too much pressure to be a consumer has me digging in my heels...

So... what's the argument against eggs or other protein sources besides that commercial feeds are supposedly 'best'?
Mostly I'm wondering if eggs will actually be harmful?
Thank you for responding!


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Some eggs, hard boiled, mashed shall and all is ok, lots of folks feed them to adult fowl. Feed is nutritionally balanced by poultry feed scientists, it is designed for best performance. Chicken of yesterday had no prepared feeds and lived. Its a management kinda thing. let them run free and feed scraps and hope the critters dont get them and you will have eggs and meat! Some people are more price concious than others. I am a breeder and sell hatching eggs and fowl for show and breeding so I want the best, my production birds, I want the most production, thats why I use the science. Its not easy to make up a nutritionally balanced feed w/o some knowledge of the subject. I like to supplement with some things such as sunflower seed, whole oats and whet and a tad bit of corn, grass, meat and so on, but only in small amounts.

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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

If you can let them graze and get some insects those will provide extra protein plus that "factor X" where life food has health benefits for mysterious and unreproducable unknown reasons (this is true, live foods work better than fresh killed counterparts)

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