Landscape Ideas for Back Sloping Hill

jmcnyc(6)December 11, 2011

I have a sloping backyard - it has a staircase that goes down to the pool area. The hill was overgrown. I have pulled mostly everything. I left some of the low evergreens and the burning bush shrub at the base (sorry it is a recent photo and bush is done for the year).

At the top of the hill is a wall. At the back of the space is a fence. At the base is the burning bush. The staircase goes along the front edge. Dont need any screening it is purly for flowers and summer enjoyment.

I was thinking of doing knock out roses in the back to fill the space with low maintenance flowers. I dont want high plants - mostly lower sized flowering plants in the front. No one goes down the stairs in the winter - so it is just for summer interest.

Any ideas?

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Some juniper shrub may be work.

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karinl(BC Z8)

Junipers don't flower, and for my personal flower enjoyment, knock-out roses don't do it either. But shrubs would serve another purpose, that of limiting erosion. Either flat shrubs or perennial groundcovers. These would also help limit weed growth.

One consideration is what kind of gardening work you want to do to get your flowers. If you are an annuals kind of person, you make a trip to the nursery every spring, plant them up, and watch them go - weeding and nurturing of course. If you prefer perennials, you visit the nursery a few times through the season next year to pick up whatever is blooming at different times, and plant it up over the course of the year.

I see the word "low maintenance." This is a toughie. It is best achieved through the use of flowering shrubs, some of which do get tall. Both annual and perennial gardens are some work, at least until the plants grow in.

Karin L

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I'm afraid knock out roses are going to get much larger than you think they will. I'd put them at the top level before the stairs start, and smaller somethings things along the slope.
There is a dwarf butterfly bush that I think would work there. You could plant several of them, and mix in some red autumn sage too.

Fill in with whatever you think is pretty and sized appropriately.

Here is a link that might be useful: dwarf butterfly bush

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Low lying groundcover may be a good option, perhaps including a curved, stone-lined path to the top of the hill.

Joe M, Director

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Thanks for all the ideas. What I want to do is have the back layer as flowering shrubs - low maintenance as it would be tough to get back to maintain them. In the front section I was thinking of allocating a section for annual planting of flowering ground cover.

I like the idea of dwarf butterfly bushes - would add nice color. I am not opposed to bushes that dont flower - but add color

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