Are turkeys noisy?

denninmi(8a)April 23, 2010

Any more so than any other fowl?

I currently have 4 RI Red hens and 4 Rouen ducks. Neither the chickens nor the ducks are very noisy at all. The "egg song" from the girls when they lay, or course. The ducks mostly do their little quacks quietly to each other, unless their is some problem, which is rare, and they all, of course, "talk" to me when I'm around.

I have 2.2 acres, but I'm in the 'burbs, and I don't want to be a bad neighbor. I would like to keep a couple of turkeys, since they, above all, really fascinate me, but I don't want to be inconsiderate and get something that will wake up the whole neighborhood, that sort of thing (which is why I have no roosters, only hens). And, I would definitely want a Tom, since they are the pretty ones.

If not turkeys, my other choice I'm considering is the opposite extreme in size -- quail of some type. I am sure they are pretty quiet.

Any thoughts on the matter?

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I had a small flock of about a dozen turkeys for awhile. The only time they got noisy on me was when, as a group, they'd get excited or frightened and all gobble in unison. Just let out a flush of noise and then quiet down. They certainly don't carry for miles like the song of my roos in the morning. Certainly don't get peacocks. LOL.

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

I don't think turkeys are noisy, but they can be aggressive. That's a problem is neighborhood kids like to visit the farm animals.

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They are quiet at night. They will make some noise during breeding season but it is less than what a loud rooster will make. They WILL SOUND OFF EVERY TIME A SIREN GOES OFF WITHIN THEIR HEARING RANGE... so if you are in an area with alot of emergency vehicle travel, they may not be for you. I've had lots of quail and pheasants as well and the noise level is about the same.

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I love the chirping noises turkeys make. My favorites of all the poultry I raise. I don't find them to be particularly noisy, but then again, I have had geese and guineas.

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sewcrazynurse(MI zone 5)

I used to have turkeys they were a joy! But very susceptable to Black head disease that chickens carry.

Turkeys make 18 different noises and are very curious creatures. One time my daughter and I were canning tomatoes out on the deck and the turkeys came along like little old men and people watched for the longest time.

Beware though they eat A LOT!

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Can you please tell me a little more about black head disease. I've heard of it, and know it's a virus. Any danger from keeping turkeys near chickens. Is there a vaccine for it?

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