Baby Ducks

soteriagal(5)April 20, 2009

We bought baby ducks two weeks ago and they are about half feathered now. We have an enclosed pen area for them next to our chicken run all ready and waiting. We've put a large dog house in it which we'll fill with hay so they can have shelter.

How do I know when it's time to move them outside? It's getting warm now in north central Indiana, 50s, 60s, 70s in the day and 30s, 40s at night. They are quickly outgrowing the kiddie pool they are in! Do they have to be fully feathered before we can put them outside in their new pen?

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Are they still under a heat lamp? If so I'd gradually decrease the heat. How many are there? If a lot they can help keep each other warm, but also run the risk of suffocation.

If they were mine I'd wait until they are fully feathered, . Also I'd make sure no predators (dogs, weasel) can get to them, particularly at night.

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Well, they are still under a heat lamp but it's a foot above them. I will be decreasing the heat and even turning it off as the weather gets warmer. There are three of them and I believe they are about four weeks old. We are planning to put them outside in an enclosed area that is part of our chicken run. I suppose better safe than sorry.

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