Goose broke baby ducks leg

bemused_heartedApril 19, 2008


Yesterday afternnon, I bought to baby geese and two baby ducks as companions for an adult female goose. She took to them all at first (she never had babies of her own, though she tried three years now) Anyhow, I went out to fed them this mornig and discovered while she has the goslings with her and is very protective of them, she despises the ducklings and even broke a leg on one of them. What can I do to help it (if I can catch it that it) I dont want to chase it and have it hurt itself more, but I dont want to just leave it like that either if I can help it. I have googled and other searches as well, and cannot find an answer. Plus, can the duckling survive and manage as an adult duck with a gimp leg? Will it be able to fly and such?

Thank you in advance for any help.

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I have no advice but I am sorry about your duckling :( Lori

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When did you 'introduce' the babies to her? Most do it at night, so in the morning they have the 'smell' of the mother on them so the mother thinks they are her own. If you tried it already and she's still acting like this...I guess you are going to be their mama now! Poor little duckling...they are the cutest little critters.

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Oh yeah, also is your goose broody? If not I'm surprised she's taken to any of them.

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You can cast her leg. If you need more info, email me.

So sorry about your duck.:(

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