All The Help I Can Get...Please!!!

CandyMonique(7)April 11, 2014

I'm new to the site, but have always had a dream of owning a farm. I honestly have no experience, but really want to do it. I am living at home with my parents with my toddler and am ready to break I want to get all the advice and help I can from anyone. So please, lay it on me. The pros and cons of the farm life.

Thank you.

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cherig22(MO 6a/6b)

You have to have some land, even a small bit. You have to work hard, to get the ground ready for a garden, fences to keep your stock in, compost to feed the ground, enclosures to keep your livestock. Time to think about what you want, and to research it. Not an easy thing, you have to plan in advance. Research!!!

I have a small farm, and it is a slow process to plan and get things going!


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Thank you Cheri. I see now that the process is tedious, but I'm willing to do it. Now, when you say small farm, how many acres would that be? Some have said 5, others close to 20, I don't know how many acres I should even look for. I want enough for a few cows, pigs, and chickens. I'm not sure about the horses, but I really would like one or two. I also want to grow some veggies, maybe a few fruit trees. What kind? I'm still debating. I'm going to try and find agriculture classes and maybe something that can help me with the animals.
Also, it is very difficult to find land online with the basics already there. Honestly, I don't even know HOW to search for land online. But, I'm not giving up. I'm giving myself until I'm 30 (I'll 24 this year) to find some land and get things started.
Thanks again Cheri for the info.

Peace, Love and Blessings

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The shortcut ... find and marry a farmer.

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Hi Candy! :)
What are your goals in this endeavor? (earn a living or enjoy the lifestyle?)

You can easily enjoy the farm-life on a small parcel of land. There are folks who earn a living farming a .25 acre! But that's just vegetables and you will need a lot more space for cows. But I don't know if I would recommend cows to a beginner or horses unless you have expendable income to throw away.

My husband and I have a little homestead on just under 4 acres. Its very hard work but we think its worth it! We have miniature dairy goats, tons of chickens and big garden. And we aren't much older than you at 25 and 28. Someday we hope to buy a few hundred acres and invite our family and close friends to join us and share in the fun!

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Hi EvertonAcres!
My goals? I want to earn a living AND enjoy the lifestyle.

The thing is, I would LOVE to own at least 2 cows, just to get the feel of having a large animal. But right now I'm just in the dream stage. Just thinking, planning, and researching how much and hot to care for the animals.

Searching for land with a house already there is proving to be a problem now, so I can imagine what it will be like when I actually get this endeavor off the ground. Lol

Thank you so much for your advice. Hope to hear some more.

Peace, Love and Blessings

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saffron_parasol(4a WI)

I would guess you'd need at least 10 acres, a small wooded area would be nice for natural shade for your livestock. You could do rotational grazing/gardening, like cows/goats on a pasture one season, then veggies on the same pasture the next. 4 divisions may be optimal. Check out Joel Salatin. He's a very good back to natural homesteader to get advice/ideas from. Also be absolutely sure to check out zoning/ordinances/easements/right of ways/distance requirements for any area that interests you BEFORE you buy! Avoid unpleasant surprises! Some of the distance requirements, for example, would be like if chickens are allowed, they have to be so many feet away from a neighboring residence. In my little division, we can't own animals with cloven hooves. Don't know why, maybe ruminants stink more??? This includes pigs....

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first you should choice which kind of crops you wanna plant ,then you can choice a good place which suitable for this crops .after that ,you need hard working each season .and that's a very important thing is fertilizer to crops to get grain ,you need learn many many things about that .

Here is a link that might be useful: organic fertilizer production line

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