HELP!!! Mama Bunny Please!

natalie312(9)April 21, 2009

I have a bunnie that is due on the 30th but she started to pull out her fur 2day! The 20th was the first day that i thought they were going to be born put i did the math agian and it was the 30th. Is she going to have her babies soon? Please repie to post ASAP!! I heard that sounds would keep her from giving birth. She lives in the chicken coop we have a rooster. i also heard that you should not move her away from the sounds she is used to.


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No need to panic,
if she's pulling her fur out she's preparing for nesting. I had does do this earlier than others,,no problem. If you know she's due soon,just give her a safe place that the rooster cannot get at her or the kits. Roosters will be aggressive towards them,and could kill them if given the chance.
she must have made a nest where she put the fur,so somehow you need to make her a safe place. with a top and only the mother can get to,,you HAVE to block the rooster and hens away.

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I was talking about the noise that he makes. She is in a cage inside the big chicken coop and there is a box that she sleeps in. Their is even more fur. I think i was right the first time about the date she was due cause the other bunnie is starting to make her nest to and she is due one day after her. I have pine wood chips in there and a little straw on top. I put the mothers food were only she can reach, so the babys won't get to it. I read that she will have the baby's 24 hours after pulling. Thank You!

P.S. Sorry for posting it 3 times.

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oh ok,,so it looks like evrything is under control,and whatever noise she's been around is no problem,,like you said,she's used to it anyways.
good luck and enjoy,,it's always nice to have newborns!

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Hi Natalie,

You are correct that noises will upset mamma bunny. However, if she is used to the rooster crowing, she should be okay. It's the strange noises, being disturbed, etc., that can make her kill her kits, depends on the doe.

Sounds like she's getting ready. Have fun!

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She had the babies a cuple minites ago!!! I'm a grandmother!!! Their is one that looks weak. I picked it up to make sure it was still alive. I rubed my hands on the mother befor and rubed the baby on her befor i put it back. Thank you so very much for your help!
~~Grandmother, Natalie

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We lost two! Why do you think they are dieing? The mother does not mind me toching them. She is never there. They look full like they have been drinking.

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I would have completely left them alone with no disruptions at least for the first few days...The mother only feeds once a day,and otherwise leaves them alone giving people the false illusion that she's neglecting them. this protects them from predators.
maybe just leave them for a couple days on their own,,rabbit's do well on their own with little or no help from people. Too much interference will do harm...
hope everyone else will be ok..

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

Rabbits often lose one or two of the weaker kits. No cause for alarm as long as she is feeding them. The kits will have round bellies after a meal, rather as though they had swallowed a grape.

If momma bun has pulled fur, had her kits in the box and is feeding them, don't worry that she "ignores" them the rest of the time. This is normal, as Beeliz has already said.

If you are interested in learning more about rabbits, there is am excellent forum just for this on another site. I hang out there a lot. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: HT Rabbit Forum

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We lost three, there is three left. They look very healthy and big. Thank you all so very much!

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My rabbit had babies 2 days ago, it's her first time being a mom. I dont think she wants to nurse her babies because everytime they try to get milk she jumps away. Is it just because im there, or is there something wrong?

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Like everyone said above, you should leave them alone for a couple days so Mama bunny can do what comes naturally. Having said that, I had a mom who never did like her babies and would never raise the kits. Doesn't happen very often, but it is more likely to occur when new mama rabbits are startled or upset. Rabbits don't feed their babies often, but the milk is extremely rich so they get what they need and they grow amazingly fast.

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