What to do about roving Pilgrim geese

sujiwan_gwApril 22, 2010

I have three Pilgrim geese who have a coterie of runner ducks. Although we have fences @ 4-5 feet, 2 of the geese have discovered they can fly over and clear them. Of course, they immediately want to wander into the road at which point they make a bunch of noise and I know immediately where the buggers are. If they are allowed outside the fenced area, the ducks will follow them right into the road. Its a rural area but close to a cross roads and people come barreling though.

I got the geese to graze grass, but they seem more intent on exploration into dangerous areas, returning again and again to the area where they've been chased off.

. What can I do?

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"2 of the geese have discovered they can fly over and clear them" ... clip the wing feathers so they can't fly.

End of problem, but you have to repeat it every year.

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I aggree with lazygardens, but I just wanted to share something with you! I have 4 Pilgrims. They are VERY curious, and get into things. Mine wander to where they're not supposed to be, too. When they see me come outside, if they're being "naughty", they become very quiet and stand still as if to see if I'm noticing them, then either make a lot of noise and come running, or slowly slink away while watching me. Sometimes they actually hide! I live far from the road, though, and they're only out when I'm home, and I check on them a lot. They are quite characters! The gears are always turning!

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What funny geese!

Clipping the wings is a great idea. If you do clip the wings, clip only the primary feathers on one side so if they try to fly, they will only turn in circles. And please don't clip during a molt. The feathers must be entirely grown out or you will hurt the goose :(

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Maggie_J(z5 Ontario)

I have three Pilgrim geese and they are like two-year-olds... always exploring and into mischief. They love to "escape" and sneak up on us... Once I caught them tiptoeing across the patio. When caught in the act, they laughed and laughed. Real characters and I love them.

I've not had a problem with them flying over barriers, but clipping their wings is the best solution. Do it soon, so the habit is broken before it gets too established.

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