Drake traumatising little khaki campbelll duck

LnrOApril 30, 2013

We have 7 ducks at the moment, 5 Aylesburys and 2 khaki Campbell's. The drake is an Aylesbury and is too big to preform his 'duties' with the khaki Campbells so he leaves one alone but is constantly attacking the other one, so much that she's terrified.
If we leave her in with the rest, she refuses to leave the duck house so we have to let her out on her own during the day, but when we coax her in to the run at night, she goes straight into the house and tries to hide in the corner.
We are getting two call ducks next week but we don't know whether to get rid of the drake or hope that the new ones will divide his attention. Is there anything I can do to stop his 'reign of terror'? Selling him is on the cards but we want to try anything else before resorting to that. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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