HAVE: Create a very organized excel sheet seed catalog

robthegeekMarch 23, 2013

Step One: Create a Google account (https://accounts.google.com/SignUp) or Sign in to your existing one. (https://accounts.google.com/Login)

Step Two: Navigate your browser to: http://docs.google.com

If you are an existing member that already uses Google Drive or Docs then there should not be any extra steps otherwise there may be some rights agreements to accept first.

Next you should see a page similar to this.

On the top left click "CREATE" then click "SPREADSHEET". A new window will pop up looking like this.

Type in a title for you catalog, and also name you sheet at the bottom to something either generic like Plants, or more specific like Vines, Flowers and Gourds, ect.

Step Three: This should look familiar as well. Simple spreadsheet. Don't let them intimidate you. Below is a picture of an example of a possible setup.

You can also visit My Page to see how I organize mine.

Step Four: Now we have to be able to share this sheet with anyone. Go over to "File" then click "Publish this to the web..."

Click "Start Publishing"

Copy all the code at the bottom of the screen we will need it over at GardenWeb.

Great! You just created your catalog now we need to go to GardenWeb to post the code into exchange list.

Step Five: Paste the code! Then I recommend changing the width to equal "550", this brings the sheet right to the edge of the page. The Height is up to you. I used "750".

Save and post your changes and done! Go to to your exchange page and test your Catalog!


When you go to Google Docs and update your catalog, after you are done with your changes always go back to "File" then "Publish this to the web..."

This time you will click "Republish Now".

Then your page is updated right then! No need to change anything over at GardenWeb.

Just make a new post telling everyone of your new found treasures!

Happy Trading! E-mail me for any trades or questions about setting up your catalog.

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I'm gonna check this out... thanks!


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kchd(7b/8a MS)

Rob, this is pure genius! (especially since I'm already tracking my seeds in a Google docs spreadsheet)

    Bookmark   March 23, 2013 at 7:24PM
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