Size of Standard vs Bantam Buff Orpington

may0503April 7, 2009

I have decided to get chickens to provide eggs as well as compost and eat the weeds that are in my backyard. Just to note, I have a huge backyard so space is not an issue when raising chickens. However my question is, what is the size of a Standard Buff Orpington vs the Bantam Buff Orpinton? I know the Standard Buff are about 8 pounds heavy and that the Bantam Buff can range from 2-5 pounds. But what are their height and length differences?

I am in the process of making a chicken tractor to house 4-5 chickens. I am not finish with it yet just in case I need to make revisions. It is 2' tall and was originally for the Bantam Buff Orpington. I was wondering if I could place 4 standard Buff in there instead?

Any ideas?

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All standard Orpington varieties of large fowl are from 81/2- 10 lbs and the standard bantams are 34-38 ounces, just over 2 lbs. Just imagine a bird at roughly 1/4 the size of a large fowl Orp. A large fowl Orpington bred to the standard, is gonna be cramped in something that low, what are the other dimensions?

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The dimension of the tractor is 2' tall x 4' wide and 8' long.

Fancifowl, the Standard Orpington is more than twice the size of a Bantam? If that's the case, I'll have to settle with the Bantam. But I really want the Standard Orpington, so I was wondering if I could just revise the tractor by simply adding another level to it. Rather than it being a 2' tall x 4 x 8 it will become 4' tall x 4 x 8.

Fancifowl, as a nesting area, can I use a dog house?

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