Vectra vs Frontline vs Advantix

bill7(NW MN)April 22, 2010

We have a new vet in town. This place now sells Vectra (I think) instead of Frontline plus. This would be for our "muts."

Anyone used it?


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littledog(z7 OK)

I've not tried the Vectra, but IMHO, Frontline and Advantix were a waste of time and money. The best thing I've found you can get for fleas is Comfortis once a month tablets from your Vet. There's an OTC daily version called Capstar that also works great, but for our multiple dog household, the once a month stuff is the easiest. (Comfortis is not available for cats, not sure about Capstar) Within 4 hours, every flea on your dog will be either dead or dying, and unlike using a dip or a oily drop on the back, the dog is safe for anyone to handle; no poisonous residue.

If you also have a tick problem, the Zema Tick Arrest collar, or Preventic brand available at a Vet are the absolute best. Either one is fine to use with the Comfortis tablet.

I don't sell the stuff, or own stock in the companies, I just know they work.

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bill7(NW MN)

Thanks for the info. I'll check out the websites, as I am wondering if the collars are waterproof, etc.


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laboopsie(z6b NY)

I do not like vectra 3d. it has irritated all three of my dogs. They keep shaking their heads like they have ear infections and they're scratching at their necks and in general are very unhappy. I'm sad my vet no longer carries advantix. I'm going to have to buy it elsewhere.

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We've used FrontLine Plus on our now 13 yr old Daisy for many years with great success. No pest problems on her or in house, no side effects either. About 6 mos ago our vet started selling the Vectra, discontinuing the sale of FrontLine Plus. So far the Vectra works the same BUT never really seems to dry, leaving residue within her coat where applied to the skin. FrontLine never did that, always completely dried, no residue, within 24 hrs. I've always been very careful doing the application, getting on the skin----still a pets coat will wick up or absorb some of the stuff anyway. FrontLine dries, Vectra does not. I'm going back to FrontLine soon----will find a vet that still sells it.

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