Darn Goats!

backlanelady(6oh)April 18, 2008

With the price of hay and feed going up I decided I needed to cut back on my own personal petting zoo here.

I posted a for sale ad online and a man drove 2 hours to get here to look at my boer girls for sale.

I had all of my goats out loose with me, so the man could see how healthy and friendly the group of them are.

He comes and decides that he will buy both of the does to keep weeds down in his pasture.

The goats were all curious about the two gals being loaded into his truck and just mugging around us as usual.

So he writes me a check. I take it and look at it...and dropped my arm down by my side...in a split second Dorie, a pygmy doe, who was standing behind me, grabs the check and takes off running down the driveway...chomping on the check as she is running.

My husband and I are both chasing her...she stops, turns around to look at us...and swallows. No more check.

It happened so fast....the man asks, "did she just swallow my check?" Ummmm....yep. LOL.

My husband was really mad at first, until I pointed out...it could have been cash.

You just gotta love those goats...and keep a close eye on them too!

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What a hoot! Thanks for sharing. I needed a grin about now. Also lucky the buyer was still there to witness what happened and get his check book back out ;-)

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LOL....What a picture you have created with that, thank you..:)

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If it had been cash, she might have given you some 'change' later.... ;D

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Oh boy, yes, I can picture it perfectly

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littledog(z7 OK)

".she stops, turns around to look at us...and swallows."

That is just so, so goaty. Clearly, she was displeased with the selling price for her herdmates. Thanks for the great mental image.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

That's funny! It happened to me too with my pygmy goat only it was a carefully written out estimate that a tree removal man had just prepared and was about to talk to me about!! The estimate was not retrieved!!

Now my two pygmy's follow me to the mailbox each day and they get a little of that junk mail to play with and eat.

I love the playfulness of goats. Thanks for sharing.

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That's a good way to get rid of the junk mail!
Dorie eating the check did teach me to be more careful with anything important around them. I couldn't believe how quick she grabbed it out of my hand.
I'm glad you all enjoyed hearing about it. The man that wrote the check only had the one check with him. But he mailed a second check out the next day with a note attached saying that it made for a good story to tell his friends.

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nhsuzanne(z5 SW-NH)

Our first Pygmy goats came with the property we bought 8 years ago. It was a whether named Fred and his mother Ginger! Fred was the capricious one which is what I love so much about goats. These two goats were free range and would wander up to the driveway where the cars were parked. They proceeded to eat the license plate stickers off of all vehicles and also visitors! We had to have the stickers replaced at the town office and had to tell them why they were all missing! You can imagine what a good laugh we all had about that. We had to get plastic covers for all our friends!! Our two Pygmy's now have not picked up that habit! LOL They really are funny.

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