Veggie garden near horse pasture...are cherry tomatoes a problem?

lavender_lass(4b)April 3, 2010

The only good place for my kitchen garden is pretty close to the horse pasture. I'd like to grow cherry tomatoes for the nieces and nephews (and me) but I've read tomato plants can be toxic for horses. I don't know if birds will spread that many plants, but I don't want to find out this was a huge mistake. Should I have concerns, or am I overthinking this???

Thanks for the input. I have six horses so I do NOT need vet bills. If it's a bad idea, I can get cherry tomatoes at Mom's house :)

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Yes anything in the nighshade family is toxic (Tomatoe & potato leaves).

Having said that we plant tomatoes in our garden, which is in the middle of the horse pasture. Fencing is very secure, and they cannot reach over to eat the tomato plants as I plant them at least 4ft away from the fence.

Volunteer tomatoes come up every year in our horse pasture, perhaps 4 or 5 plants. I've never seen the horses eat them, then again they have free choice hay & pasture 24/7 so never feel the need to eat them, but that doesn't mean yours wont. I don't think a nibble or two will hurt them, but I don't know the amount ingested that will.


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Brendasue- Thank you for responding :)

I planted a few tomato plants last year and the birds didn't touch them, so no volunteers that I've noticed. I've heard that birds like to eat cherry tomatoes, so that's why I'm a little more concerned. Our horses are on a large pasture 24/7 and get hay about nine months a year. I don't think they'd eat the tomatoes, but....I may just stick to the larger tomatoes and keep the cherry tomatoes up at mom's. Thanks again!

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Can you maybe create a covering made of hardware cloth (welded wire mesh) to keep the birds out?

I didn't know that tomato plants were toxic for horses, huh! Learn something new everyday. :) Thanks!

Velvet ~:>

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