Rehoming 5 Assorted Roos, 8 Weeks Old, Various Breeds

velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)April 24, 2010

OK, we have a total of 5 roosters from our hatching of 8 weeks ago, and I'm looking to rehome them to GOOD homes. Since a lot of people here are as certified chicken crazy as we are, thought I'd offer them here as well as the other forums I'm on. :)

We have a Salmon Faverolle, a cuckoo Silkie, a black Silkie, a porcelain Belgian d'Uccle and a Golden Laced Giant Cochin. Here they are (other chicks in the pictures with them that are NOT available are noted):

Black Silkie roo on left, Cuckoo Silkie roo on right--

Porcelain Belgian d'Uccle roo is on the right, the chick on the left is NOT available--

Salmon Faverolle roo on the left, chick on the right is NOT available--

Same chicks, but reversed--roo on the right, chick on the left not available--

Golden Laced Giant Cochin roo on the right, chick on left NOT available--

Same chicks, again, roo on right, chick on left not available--

They are all exceptionally sweet and are handraised, incubator-hatched babies. We've had them in the house since day 1 (with day run outdoor time, of course) and they've been handled and cuddled constantly, so they are super tame and LOVE people (ha, be warned!). They are all in excellent health with no problems, with the exception of the cuckoo Silkie boy--he has a bit of crossbeak but it seems slight and isn't worsening, and he eats & drinks just fine. All are fat and happy. :)

If any of you guys want one (or more) of them please let me know, or if you know of someone who will provide a GOOD home for one of these boys please let me know.

I'm in Los Angeles and would prefer to either have them picked up or I can transport them a reasonable distance, but would be willing to ship if someone wanted to pay the shipping. No charge for the roos themselves, though!

If anyone wants more pictures let me know.

Velvet ~:>

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hey! we are chicken crazy and ive wanted a silkie for awhile, but you can order as few as five at a time. where are you located, if you still have any left?

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