darn chickens!!!

gary1-2007April 7, 2008

I have a neighbor who took it upon himself to inflict the neighbors with chickens a roosters he purchased to amuse his kids. Dogs and stray cats are bad enough- but chickens? I cannot keep them out of my 2 acre yard(can't afford a fence) They continually dig up the pine needles I buy to place around my shrubs and trees. I have tried the red ryder bb bit and it doesn't deter them a bit. They are constantly under my birdfeeder also. Short of using a real gun or having a confrontation with my neighbor(who said just chase them away if they bother me) is cedar mulch the only alternative??? I have heard it is toxic to chickens. anything other ideas ????

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Chicken dinner every Sunday.

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velvet_sparrow(Zone 5b, Gardnerville, NV)

Please don't poison the birds, it isn't their fault their owner is an idiot.

I'd play the 'concerned neighbor' bit and simply TELL your neighbor that you have many, many toxic plants on your property, and that you worry both about the chickens dying AND having the toxins make it into their eggs, which would KILL anyone who ate them. Never mind that it isn't the truth, and more then likely isn't possible, really play it up. Hemlock! You've got masses of Hemlock growing, and you've SEEN the chickens eating it! AAGGHH!

Or, get a big, mean dog.

Your neighbor needs to be a responsible chicken owner and fence IN his birds on HIS property, it isn't your responsibility to fence them OUT.

Velvet ~:>

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I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but legally it might be your responsibility to fence them out depending on the local laws. El Paso County Colorado is an open range law county. Which means that if a neighbors animals are bothering me, I have to fence them out, they do not have to fence them in. The only exception is "domestic animals", dogs and cats. Plus with this neighbor having already demonstrated that he is not concerned with them bothering you, I don't think telling him that they might be poisoning themselves on you property is a good idea, you might be setting yourself up for something really bad. Check with the powers that be and see if they can tell you anything useful. Obnoxious animals maybe?
If not, I am with beegood, Chicken dinner on Sunday, chicken soup, chicken pot pie, chicken and rice ... I can send you recipies...Maybe bring a side dish LOL


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I don't believe the cedar mulch will help you, the chickens don't know it is bad for them. I used to have the same problem. But after my sweet bird dog killed one of them and almost got another, the neighbor fixed his fence. You should have seen the look on his wife's face when I brought that dead chicken over to them and asked when the BBQ would be held.
Chickens can be very destructive and if he won't fence them in I would either call animal control or start shooting. I know that sounds harsh but I hate when neighbors don't take care of their animals. Has anyone ever tried cayenne pepper in the bushes, would that keep them out?

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sullicorbitt(z5 MA)

I'm sorry to hear you have such a irresponsible neighbor. Like Velvet stated it's not the birds fault, they are just doing what comes naturally. I think fencing is your best option. Wire fencing is not too expensive and many times you can find rolls of used fence on free cycle or craigslist etc. It's easy to put up and take down so it's not as big of a commitment. A four foot fence would probably be enough to keep them out of your yard. I know how frustrating the birds can be when they get into flower beds etc.... my own birds often escape their yard and do a number on my plants.

From the sounds of your neighbor he won't have the birds for long, if he's not caring for their safety they really won't have much of a chance long term.


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sc_gardener(zone 5)

I am amazed by the stupidity.

I can't believe something hasn't eaten those roaming chickens yet! Around here they would be stray cat / fox / coyote bait for sure...

Check your local hardware store for fence options.

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You can put an ad in the paper, "free chickens, you catch!"

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zootjs(zone 5 MA)

I believe that chickens don't mind hot peppers.


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Yes, Johnathan is right, they don't 'taste' the capscasin (sp?). Only mammals can taste it, birds can't. I read to keep squirrels out of bird seed to add hot pepper seeds.

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Price the fencing you want, get a quote from a hardware store or feed store on the amount you would need, and tell your neighbor that since you are going to the trouble and expense of fencing his chickens out, you expect him to pay half the cost, and come help you install the fence. If he refuses (and he will) tell him that your lawyer said you should ask him to share the cost/labor and when he refused, it would help if it went to court. At least you can make the inconsiderate idiot worry a bit!

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You need to make your yard less attractive to the chickens than their own. Take away the bird feeder, the seed is attracting them.
If you have a dog tie it in the area the chickens are scratching up during the time the chickens are usually there. Or tie the dog where the chickens come into your yard, so the dog harasses them when they venture over.
If you don't have a dog maybe take a garden hose and spray them with a hard stream of water to chase them away. Be persistant and hopefully they will give up and stay at home, or at least head in another direction.
The neighbor does sound inconsiderate.

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I had neighbours hens come here too and peck around,but I adored them! Seeing them inspired me to get some,,,and it changed my life! Just keep them,maybe he won't notice and you can enjoy fresh eggs every day! I also had the same neighbour s ducks come here..so I kept them for a few days till they noticed their ducks were missing,then I gave them back and played dumb ..."oh,these are yours?" :) they never came back.
But I did put up a fence to keep other peoples animals out of my animals yard.

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I had a neighbour move in, just an terrible crank, my chickens wandered over, and the next thing you know the cops are here because she stepped in some poo. I put up a three foot wire fence all the way around just to keep the peace (stucco wire cut in half). Chickens don't seem to realize they can't go over because they can't see the top of it apparently. Worked here anyways.

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People who don't mind their animals gall me to no end.
The neighbor's dog comes over from time to time but he's a nice old fella. I hate to be mean but I tell him to go home and he does. I wouldn't mind except I have outside cats and even my own younger dog will chase them if he is given the chance. My cats would probably bother them if it weren't for their dog. I would like to think that they would let me know if my cats were a nuisance so I could take appropriate measures and not have them just poison or hurt them. I think that is cruel and agree with Velvet Sparrow that it's not the animal's fault if they have an ignorant owner. I am a new chicken owner and while I can't predict what dramas may occur, I do know that if someone told me my critters were annoying them on THEIR property, I would do something about it. I hate for you to get into a "neighbor war." Maybe you were being too nice when you spoke to him before? I would simply go and talk to him again, being as diplomatic as possible. You appreciate the chickens, would be interested in buying fresh eggs, but just can't handle them in your yard. Tell him they are destroying your beautiful spring flower beds. Aren't you getting a dog/puppy? A few white lies in the interest of diplomacy never hurts, IMO. Lori

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Its tough with some neighbors, I mean you have to live beside each other it would be nice to at least beable to be cordial to one another.

I think the dog idea is pretty good. It doesn't even have to be a mean dog. We have two small dogs that chase cats. I don't worry because I know they can't catch them the cats around here in the country are as big as they are and their are plenty of trees for them to run up.

Maybe a small dog that would chase the fowl would be good if you could train it to stay at the border of your yard. also some roo's are mean so not to small a dog something quick. LOL but I also agree with a previous post doesn't sound like he is a serious owner and he probably won't have them long. maybe if they started to disappear one at a time. Not killing them but taking them to the local sale or something check the county laws possibley you could claim them if they are on your property.


good luck

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Get a big pot, and make chicken and dumplings!! YummEEEE!!!!!

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build a chicken yard and hen house. when the chickens go inside close the door. They are now your chickens. Have chicken dinner and do it all over again. Pretty soon all the chickens will be gone.

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I would talk to the neighbor first, then if they are still coming over, I would keep them, at least for the morning while they laid their eggs. Every one of those chickens is laying an egg somewhere, you might as well benefit from it.

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

How about instead of an ad in the paper
a big sign in the front yard that says

Hopefully it will CATCH your neighbors eye and they will get the hint

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Has anyone heard of liquid fence u could try that it keeps deer and rabbits out of gardens

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