WANTED: Rouge Vif d'Etampes/Musquee de Provence

linzelu100(7a)March 21, 2013

This is probably the last trade I will do this season. I am really topped off for space and running low on some seed. I still have room in my pumpkin patch and I would LOVE to try pumpkins like Rouge Vif d'Etampes/Musquee de Provence. The big, ribbed cheese type pumpkins. The cinderella pumpkin is what I am really looking for. Ideally I'd like 6-10 pumpkin seeds. Below is what I have to trade, although some are lower then others. Please only respond if you have these pumpkin seeds or something very similar. Thank you for looking at my ad.

AMARANTH: Love Lies Bleeding Red
ARUGULA: Even Star Winter Arugula
BEANS DRIED: Cherokee Trail of Tears Pole Beans
BEANS DRIED: Eye of the Goat Pole Beans
BEANS DRIED: Jacob's Cattle Bush Beans
BEANS LIMAS: Henderson's Bush Lima Beans
BEANS LIMAS: Jackson Wonder Bush Lima Bean
BEETS: Bull's Blood
BEETS: Chioggia
BEETS: Golden
BROCCOLI: Romanesco Broccoli
BRUSSEL SPROUTS: Long Island Improved
CABBAGE: Early Jersey Wakefield
CARROT: Amarillo Carrot
CARROT: Parisienne Carrot
COLLARDS: Collards
COLLARDS: Even Star Land Race Collards
COWPEAS: California Black Eye Peas
COWPEAS: Purple Hull Pink Eye Cowpea
CRESS: Peppercress
CRESS: Wrinkled Crinkled Cress
CUKES: Delikatesse
CUKES: Marketmore 76
CUKES: Miniature White
EGGPLANT: Little Fingers
ENDIVE: De Meaux Endive
FLOWERS: Calendula Pot Marigold Pacific Beauty
FLOWERS: Love in a Mist Mix Colors
GROUND CHERRIES: Strawberry Husk Tomato (yellow)
GOURD: Birdhouse Gourd
KALE: Even Star Smooth Kale
KOHLRABI: Early White Vienna
LEEK: Carentan
LETTUCE: Cimmaron
LETTUCE: Corn Salad Vit
LETTUCE: Flashy Trout's Back
LETTUCE: Rocky Top Lettuce Mix
LETTUCE: Mascara
MELON: American Melon Ananas D'Amerique A Chair Verte
MELON: Banana
MELON: Hales Best 45
MELON: Metki Dark Green Serpent Asian Melon
MELON: Zatta
MUSTARD: Even Star Tender Tat Mustard
MUSTARD: Japanese Giant Red Mustard
MUSTARD: New Star Mustard
OKRA: Burgundy Okra
ONION: Tokyo Long White Bunching Onion
PARSNIP: Hollow Crown
PEAS: Golden Sweet
PEAS: Oregon Sugar Pod II Snow Peas
PEAS: Wando
PEPPER: Aurora Medium Hot Pepper
PEPPER: Pasilla Bajio Pepper
PEPPER: Serrano Tampiquino
PEPPER SWEET: Quadrato d'Asti Rosso
PEPPER SWEET: Red Marconi Pepper
RADISH: Black Radish
RADISH: Scarlet Turnip White Tip
RAPA: Even Star American Rapa
RUTABAGAS: American Purple Top
SPINACH: Bloomsdale Long Standing
SPINACH: Merlo Nero Spinach
SUMMER SQUASH: Costata Romanesco
SUMMER SQUASH: Early Golden SUmmer Crookneck
TOMATILLO: Purple Tomatillo
TOMATO: Aunt Ruby's German Green
TOMATO: Beauty King
TOMATO: Beefsteak
TOMATO: Dr. Wyche's Yellow (only a few)
TOMATO: Green Zebra
TOMATO: Pearly Pink
TOMATO: Pineapple
TOMATO: Pink Brandywine
TOMATO: Purple Cherokee
TOMATO: Traveler (Arkansas Traveler)
TOMATO: Violet Jasper (only a few)
TOMATO: White Queen
TURNIP: Purple Top White Globe
WATERMELON: Crimson Sweet
WATERMELON: Yellow Moon and Stars
WINTER SQUASH: Blue Guatemalan Winter Squash
WINTER SQUASH: Long of Naples
WINTER SQUASH: Table Queen Acorn

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By any chance would you like casper pumpkin?

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Yes Casper pumpkin sounds like a nice addition. What would like in place of them? I have some cowpeas, I decided not to plant this year. I didn't want them to cross with my long beans so I nixed them, but they are good for this year. I think I remember seeing a cowpea ad from you recently. Unless you wanted something different. Can you change your email ability. I cannot e-mail you privately.

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Ok I e-mailed you- looking forward to your white pumpkins :)

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This ad is CLOSED now. Thanks for the interest.

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