Can a litter of rabbits have more than one father?

poisondartfrogApril 9, 2009

I visit this forum often when I have a question about my little flock of chickens but have never had to post. A search always brings up a helpful thread. Thanks everyone!

I can't find an answer to my rabbit question though. I would be grateful if anyone can help.

Today I placed my pedigreed New Zealand in her "mates" cage for breeding while I was working in the garden. When I went back to the hutch an hour later I found that one of the panels I have dividing a long hutch into individual compartments had failed, and a Dwarf Hotot buck was in the cage with her as well. If a litter results, their lineage will be questionable and they will have to be pets only, but I am curious as to what kind of litter to expect. If she was mated first by the New Zealand and later by the Hotot, could some of her kits belong to each potential father?

Thank you,


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brendan_of_bonsai(4b AK)

Nearly all mammals that have multiple offspring per pregnancy are capable of having multiple fathers per litter. Some mammals actually produce castes of sperm that serve no function in impregnating a female but instead interfere with sperm from competing males.

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Having 2 uteri they can have litters at different times also, this happens sometimes when test mating after 7 days or so. thats why palpating is the better way to determine pregnacies.

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Thank you both! I knew this was possible in dogs and cats. I never had occasion to think about it in terms of rabbits before but it makes sense.

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