duckling help!!!

abby593April 25, 2010

i found a baby duckling 2 days ago. i have it under a heat lamp in a large box with wood chips, game bird starter, and a chick water despencer. he only stay on one side of t he bow and is always knocking over his water-er and soaking his bedding so he shivers, what should i do? he also acts like he cant walk. he'll take a few steps then lay back down, is he sick? can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong and how i can help this duckling?

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In the brooder he may be too hot or cold, he will move away from the light if too hot, or directly under it if too cold.
Make him a mash with boiled egg yolk and unmedicated chick starter and lukewarm water. Put a drop on or inside his bill. Show him where the water is by putting his bill into it a couple of times and trying to get him to drink.
The other thing - you could cuddle him by wrapping him in a wool blanket and holding him against yourself, this would also keep him warm enough and he'll be happier to snuggle with someone rather than be all by himself

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you might consider getting him another duckling. chicks and ducklings should never be alone. they always need at least one other play mate to help incourge them to grow properly.

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